Formula E unveils the design of the ABB Formula E World Championship trophy

Aya Hussain

Formula E has revealed the new design of the ABB Formula World Championship Cup E, ahead of the first round of the highly anticipated Season 9 World Series, which kicks off on Saturday 14 January, in Mexico City. The new design embodies the true meaning of pioneering technology and clean electric energy, consolidating the brand identity of the championship.

DesignedBeta Design , based in London, presents the ABB Formula E World Championship Cup, coinciding with the debut of the GEN3 racing car The all-new third generation, the fastest, lightest, most efficient and most powerful electric racing car ever.

The design of the cup was shaped like an explosion of energy, largely embodying the power, speed and innovation features that characterize the new third generation of Formula E cars. The GEN3 is the first electric racing car to break the 200 mile per hour barrier, generating GEN3 Energy to the wheels, more than 14% of the energy used in racing during competition, and more than twice The regenerative capacity of the previous GEN2 to reach 200 kW.

Formula E was keen to design the Championship Cup in an innovative way, reflecting the strength of the third generation cars, the most advanced in the history of the championship. The new car is the perfect version of fast and powerful electric cars, as well as preserving the legacy of elegance, modernity and sophistication.

The designers of Beta features the real-world elements of the world’s premier all-electric motorsport championship. As the cup consists of 44 a wing: 14 a large wing with reference to the participation of 11 a Formula E driver, and 14 a wingman to represent their cars on the racetrack. Inspired by automobile brakes, heat sinks, and cores inside power cables, with the flowing lines of body panels, the Cup embodies the true meaning of electric motor racing.

Anodized aluminum was chosen as the main material in fast racing, due to its light and solid properties, which also made it possible to match the golden and silver colors very accurately, in order to present a pioneering, distinctive and accurate design in all its details in line with the status of the championship The ABB Formula E world in motorsport.

“We have been tasked with Beta Professionally and creatively designed the Championship Cup, to be the ultimate expression of our new brand identity. The designers of the Cup were inspired by the instantaneous torque of electric acceleration, in a pioneering step that speaks to the role of our sport as a powerful catalyst for change on the one hand, and the embodiment of the excitement, speed and enthusiasm of electric racing on the other hand. We can’t wait to see these new trophies rise aloft to the podiums of the winning drivers in the first race of Season 9 in Mexico City on Saturday 14 January.”

Mark Riley, Co-Founder and Creative Director, Beta: “We wanted the design of the cup to give a great sense of the era of electric motorsports, which is the main essence of the championship and which gives an exceptional and sustainable character while maintaining the speed, racing fun and the excitement of electric cars in a strong and amazing way. The design of the championship trophy is very important to our company. Both Harry (Mitchell, Co-Founder and Creative Director) and I are motorsports enthusiasts, so we wanted the design to be a symbol of the exciting and rapid development of Formula E racing, as a thriving and evolving vision for the future of the sport.”

The Hankook Prize Mexico City 200 opens the ninth season of the ABB Formula E World Championship, on Saturday January, as some of the most famous names in motorsport line up with Maserati and McLaren making their debuts on the Formula E grid, alongside Porsche, Jaguar and Nissan among 11 a team to compete in the championship, on board the third generation GEN3 for the first time.

11 A global city hosts Formula E races in Season 9 , which includes a group of host cities for the championship for the first time such as Hyderabad, Cape Town, Sao Paulo, and Portland (Oregon, USA) in addition to the return of races again to Mexico City, Diriyah, Berlin, Rome, Jakarta, Monaco, and London.)