Agriculture: The Sustainable Agricultural Investments Project (SAIL) is building 7 schools in Aswan

Written by: Fathi Al-Sayeh

Under the auspices of Mr. Al-Qaseer, Minister of Agriculture and land reclamation and Engineer Mustafa Al-Sayad, Deputy Minister of Agriculture and General Supervisor of

the SAIL Sustainable Agricultural Investments Project funded by the International Fund for Development IFAD

Dr. Hany Darwish, Executive Director of the “SAIL” project confirmed that within the framework of the project’s endeavor to complete some educational services In the project work areas, where these areas suffer from a lack of educational services.

In this regard, the Sustainable Agricultural Investments Project SAIL has built 7 schools in Upper Egypt, where

5 basic education schools have been completed in the villages of Al-Amal, Al-Karama and Al-Manar in the region Wadi An-Naqra in Aswan, the village of Samaha in the Wadi al-Sa`ida area in Aswan, and the village of al-Jihad in the western al-Fashn area in central Egypt.

The project also carried out Building a secondary school in the village of wisdom in Bm Wadi An-Naqra area.

“Darwish” added that the construction of a basic education school is also underway in the village of Al-Baraem in the area Wadi An-Naqra, and a secondary school in the village of Shahama in the Wadi al-Sa`ida district of Aswan Governorate.2023