The head of Al-Shorouk inspects the outlets of goodness in the city and listens to citizens' complaints

20230112 20230112 Fathi Al-Sayeh and Ali Sobhi
20230112 Eng. Ali Saad, Head of Al-Shorouk City Authority, accompanied by officials of the agency, inspected “Manafath Al-Khair”
20230112 where he emphasized during His tour is to monitor the prices of food commodities, asking the outlet official to compare them with those in the markets and to make sure that the price is lower than the markets abroad and to deal decisively with those who violate the operating controls, the most important of which is the commitment to pricing
On the sidelines of the tour, he met a number of citizens inside the crossings, where he listened to their complaints regarding their demands regarding the crossings and the general situation in their areas of residence in the city
20230112 Directing the head of the apparatus concerned with the apparatus to quickly respond and study the investigation of all demands as soon as possible. By raising the trees on the pedestrian sidewalks, so that the pruning is from The bottom is 2 meters high, with the aim of enabling pedestrians to use the sidewalk freely or with obstacles.
20230112 Participate in the tour m Mohamed Azazi, Deputy Head of the Agency, M. Ahmed Mekky, Deputy Head of the Agency, M. Mohamed Salah, Director of Development, Mr. Attia Al-Sayed, Director of the Security Department of the Agency, M. Hamdy Shehata, Director of East Neighborhoods and Cleanliness 2023