Beyti establishes an academy to train farmers and dairy producers

Eh Hussein

The International Company for Food Processing Projects “Beyti” announced the start of the establishment of the Beyti Academy to train all parties of the dairy industry, from small farmers and farm managers at all stages of supply chains, with the aim of raising their skills and developing their production capabilities.

This came during the expanded meeting held by “Bayti” under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture and in the presence of Dr. Tariq Suleiman, Head of the Livestock Development Sector, Dr. Ihab Saber, Assistant Minister of Agriculture, Dr. Zayed Al-Asmari, Commercial Attaché at the Saudi Embassy, ​​Dr. Mahmoud Bassiouni, Executive Director of the Chamber of Food Industries and Dr. Reda Abdel Jalil Director of Technical Affairs in the Chamber, in order to honor the largest number of dairy farmers and milk collection centers who contributed to achieving the sustainable development of the Egyptian dairy market, by adhering to the highest quality standards.

Beyti also launched an interactive digital platform to link farmers in one system, enabling them to learn about the latest developments and global methods for the different stages of milk production in accordance with the highest quality standards, ensuring the necessary support to develop farmers’ performance and contribute to improving the work of supply chains, as well as For fully developing the system through digital transformation, which contributes to the advancement of the dairy industry in Egypt.

For his part, Mark Wiley, CEO of Beyti, confirmed that these initiatives come within an integrated strategy set by the company to advance the dairy industry in Egypt to the highest level, ensuring products of high nutritional value and safe for the consumer, in addition to the highly competitive ability to export to various countries of the world.

Meanwhile, Mohamed Seif, Head of the Procurement and Agricultural Projects Sector at “Bayti” company, explained that the “Bayti” Academy for Training will use a group of professors, specialists and leaders from the Ministry of Agriculture to benefit from their expertise in training all parties of the dairy production system, on the latest production methods and the highest quality standards, pointing out He pointed out that the interactive digital “platform” will contribute to the speed of communication and identification of all the challenges facing farmers in different governorates, in order to ensure the speed of work to solve them, in addition to exchanging experiences between the participants,” praising at the same time the great role played by the Ministry of Agriculture in supporting and developing The dairy and livestock industry, stressing the need to join hands in order to achieve the best results, whether for farmers, manufacturers or consumers.