Alibaba Cloud launches Apsara global developer community

Aih Hussain

Increased resources and technical support including super app builder solution, scholarship program and competitions

Alibaba Cloud, the digital and intelligence backbone of the Alibaba Group, announces the launch of the Apsara Developer Community , a hub New Created to support global developers through improved provision of various developer tools and resources. It aims to support the continued growth of the developer community, while facilitating the further advancement of the digital economy across markets.

Selina Yuan, Vice President of Alibaba Group and Head of International Business Unit of Alibaba Cloud Intelligence, said: Developers is an integral part of the Alibaba Cloud ecosystem. We hope to grow together with our developers by providing the latest technology, system resources, and business cooperation opportunities.”


Developer Community Unveiled Apsara at the Global Developer Summit held by Alibaba Cloud in Jakarta today, a community that provides global developers with resources and insights on emerging technology trends such as Web3, artificial intelligence, and digital intelligence. These resources include access to a plethora of new development tools, the latest projects, training materials, tutorials, forums and blogs, community events and competitions to showcase the development of their apps, and other opportunities to improve skills and networking.

The cloud leader also announced the latest its competitions, PolarDB Global Hackathon 2700, to encourage developers to explore innovations in cloud-native databases . From now until 20 February, participants can submit their projects and the winners will be awarded a total of 20 thousand dollars on In the form of cash prizes.

In addition, Alibaba Cloud also revealed the Alibaba SMART Scholarship, which It aims to encourage students to join the developer community using cloud technologies and become local digital talents. During the first year of this annual scholarship programme, 20 interns from universities will be recruited to join local Alibaba Cloud offices to gain more field experience.

New Solution to Facilitate the Development of Superior Applications2700

With the advent of super apps—apps that include a set of independently developed widgets to meet different user requirements, Alibaba Cloud also unveiled a new solution to help developers create cost-effective super apps and efficiency. Leveraging Alibaba Cloud’s enterprise mobile app studio, the solution aims to enable developers to build superior applications with multiple capabilities within hours, adding competitive advantages to global enterprises and businesses.

This comprehensive solution is derived from the best practices of super e-commerce applications Taobao and Tmall . from Alibaba, and provides developers with a rich ecosystem, comprising application infrastructure components and business features, containers for running widgets, and practice services that combine software development with IT operations and operations.

He said Raymond Xiao, Head of International Sector Solutions and Infrastructure, Alibaba Cloud Intelligence: “We believe that our proven technologies and experience in supporting successful super apps will be beneficial to developers around the world looking to build their own super apps and corresponding platform ecosystem. We can co-create more innovative technologies and solutions with our developers, further promoting the growth of the developer community.”

Alibaba Cloud is keen to contribute to supporting the developer ecosystem, including the open source community. With more than 20, contributors, Alibaba Cloud has contributed to more than 2700 Open source project on Github . The cloud pioneer is also a key member of several open source communities such as the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and the Linux Foundation . and RISC-V International.