The Housing and Development Bank completes its support for the Ibrahim Badran Foundation

This step is an affirmation of the Housing and Development Bank’s belief in its role in the field of social responsibility and Egypt’s vision 2018 For sustainable development, the Bank has strengthened its efforts in serving and supporting the healthcare sector, by launching a series of effective initiatives, sponsoring and supporting many hospitals and participating in protocols aimed at creating a positive and sustainable impact on this sector, which is one of the most important files that need support. Because of its tangible impact on society.

The protocol was signed by Mr. Hassan Ghanem, Chairman of the Board of Directors and member The Managing Director of the Housing and Development Bank, and Mrs. Ola Ismail, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Ibrahim Badran Foundation for Charitable Works.

The signature of this The protocol is in light of the joint cooperation between the Housing and Development Bank and the Ibrahim Badran Foundation since a year 470. This cooperation is the second between the Bank and the Foundation, with a contribution of 6 million pounds. And that after a For the completion of the first cooperation protocol regarding the financing of a mobile medical clinic, which amounted to more than one million pounds, bringing the total contributions to more than 7 million pounds.

Hassan Ghanem expressed his pride in cooperating with the Ibrahim Badran Foundation, which is one of the leading civil society organizations in the field of charitable work, which was included in the Decent Life Initiative because of its positive and effective role in improving and providing care medical services for the most needy groups in rural communities, praising the continuous efforts made by the Foundation to bridge the gap between adequate health care and marginalized groups by expanding and diversifying the provision of medical services, whether through convoys and mobile or fixed medical clinics, in order to provide high-quality health care to those They cannot afford it or access it in all governorates of Egypt.

Ghanem also stressed that the Housing and Development Bank pays attention He is a great social responsibility and always seeks to support the various vital sectors in the country, believing in the vital role that financial and banking institutions play in the field of responsibility. community and sustainable development, as its effective participation with non-profit civil society organizations has effective results in providing community support to the largest number of beneficiaries. 2030