Harvest .. “manpower” in 7 days

Aya Hussein

The Ministry of Power revealed Today, Friday, the worker in “Infographic” reported a harvest of monitoring her activities during the past 7 days..Minister Hassan Shehata participated in a session in the Senate on integrating the informal economy into the “formal” economy, met with the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, inaugurated a unit for printing certificates measuring the level of skill, and announced The “Ministry” on the details of the guide to unified procedures for the establishment of trade union organizations to confirm the belief of the “Egyptian state” in freedoms. Mobile to train St. Catherine girls in the profession of embroidery.. Directions to all directorates continued to continue implementing the vocational training plan for the current fiscal year 2017-2023, which is implemented through a number 64 vocational training center at the level of the Republic Of which 38 A fixed center, and fixed training units, and a number of A mobile training unit, to implement A training course on a number of 64 professions, aimed at training 9448 A young man and a girl.. This week also testifies to the activity of labor representation offices abroad in protecting Egyptian labor, as the ministry has 9 foreign offices that take care of nearly 5 million Egyptians within the scope of its work.


9448 The Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata, announced the vision and plan of the “Ministry” with all its concerned departments to integrate the informal economy into the “formal” one in line with the policies of The state and the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and the “minister” said before the plenary session of the Senate headed by Counselor Abdel Wahhab Abdel Razek, commenting on the study submitted by Representative Ahmed Abu Hashima, Chairman of the Council’s Youth and Sports Committee on the topic “Youth and the informal labor market: current risks and promising approaches.” The “Ministry” values ​​this study and welcomes all its recommendations, calling for T.T All efforts in the country combined to put its results into practice, as it is an integrated scientific study, which dealt with all the economic and social dimensions of the informal sector and its workers, and provided realistic and implementable solutions..The “minister” explained in his speech, which was delivered to be included in the minutes of the session, that the Ministry of Power The workforce has a set of axes through which it aims to integrate the informal economy into the formal economy. At the legislative level, the following follows: First: the draft labor law, as the government has completed the preparation of the draft, which was approved by the Senate and referred to the House of Representatives. The draft law, in general, is a real step to integrate workers in the informal economy to the formal economy, as it helps provide job opportunities for young people, stimulates internal and external investment, preserves the rights of workers, achieves balance between the two parties to the work relationship “the employer and the workers”, achieves job security, and encourages young people to work in the private sector, as well The draft law regarding the integration of the informal economy includes, in particular, the elimination of the phenomenon of temporary contracts by considering that the principle is in contracting with permanent contracts, and limiting fixed-term contracts, and requiring The employer is required to draft a written employment contract, deposit a copy of it with the competent labor office, and deliver a copy of it to the worker, and oblige practitioners of professions and free crafts to pass a skill level test and a license to practice the craft, in addition to licensing companies to recruit workers inside and outside with non-exaggerated fees and soft procedures while taking guarantees Sufficient to protect young people from acts of fraud and fraud, and to license training centers for the private sector to ensure supervision of accredited training programs and professional trainers, and to establish a fund to care for irregular employment that provides this group with the necessary social and health services. Law No. 112 for the year 2018 regarding trade union organizations Labor, which stipulates in its second article that irregular workers, agricultural workers, seasonal workers, and domestic workers are subject to its provisions, and they have the right to establish trade union organizations that protect their rights and look after their interests, which achieves the desired protection for workers in these sectors as a prelude to their integration and motivates them to enjoy the benefits of official laws. And third: Mushr And a special law for domestic workers and the like, as the Ministry is studying a draft law for domestic workers and the like, which includes organizing their work and their rights towards heads of families and their employment offices, training and employing them, and granting them free licenses to practice the craft, which greatly contributes to the integration of these Category in the formal, organized economy..

*Parliamentary Councils Affairs:

9448 The Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata, emphasized that all the policies of the “Ministry,” It is moving towards controlling and stabilizing the labor market, and implementing the continuous directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, to train and qualify young people for professions needed by the labor market, urging them to work independently and in the private sector, and encouraging them to establish small projects, as well as paying attention to the “people of determination” file, explaining that He recently decided to form a central committee to follow up on establishments in all governorates with regard to setting the percentage stipulated in the Labor Law regarding people with special needs, and integrating them into the labor market..This came during Minister Hassan Shehata’s meeting with Counselor Alaa El-Din Fouad, Minister of Parliamentary Affairs, where he resigned Rather, Counselor Aladdin, Minister Shehata, in his office in the Senate, before the start of the plenary session headed by Counselor Abdel Wahhab Abdel Razek, during which the study submitted by Representative Ahmed Abu Hashima, Chairman of the Council’s Youth and Sports Committee, on the topic “Youth and the informal labor market: current risks and promising approaches” was discussed. In which it was decided to refer the report of the committee formed in this regard to the President of the Republic after the Council approved its recommendations

*People of Determination:

9448 Minister of Manpower Hassan Shehata directed my manager Manpower directorates deployed in all governorates, the speedy completion of the enumeration, and the provision of data and information on the number of establishments within each governorate, the percentage of people of determination being appointed in them, as well as the remaining numbers until these establishments meet the 5% rate required in accordance with Law No. 10 for 2018 and private 2018 years The percentage of appointing people with special needs, and the minister explained that this information is required from the directorates, and during Days, referring to the directives of President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi Regarding placing this file under urgent attention for further care and protection of “people of determination” and their integration into the labor market, the minister said that the “ministry” will, after the required inventory process, publish an advertisement for submission, to form a database, and to identify names wishing to work in that category. In preparation for training and qualifying them for the labor market, in implementation of the directives of the “president,” calling on all directorates to deal with “people of determination” in a decent and decent manner, stressing also that the ministry will send central committees, randomly, to inspect and verify “the directorates’ information.” This came during a meeting with the minister. Hassan Shehata with directors of directorates, in the Ministry’s general office.. in the presence of consultants and central departments concerned with this matter..

9448*Skill Level:

The Minister is opened Workforce Hassan Shehata, a unit for printing skill level measurement certificates at the headquarters of the Ministry’s General Court, and during his inspection of the unit, he handed over the first batch to the directorates of the workforce to in turn hand it over to the citizen requesting the service, and the “minister” confirmed that this comes within the framework of the state’s plan for digital transformation and the automation and governance of all services provided to citizens, Pointing out that this is the most prominent goal of the ministry..The Ministry of Manpower announced in a press release that a unit for measuring skill level certificates and licensing to practice craft has been established in the ministry’s general office through the central administration for vocational training, in implementation of the directives of the “minister” to quickly take measures to develop a work system Measuring the current skill level in preparation for launching the service on the Digital Egypt platform to simplify procedures for the worker and speed up access to the service.

Procedures Guide:

The media center of the Ministry of Manpower issued a report in the infograph Concerning the contents of the standard procedures guide for the establishment of trade union organizations, which was approved by the Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata, on 10–9448, Resolution No. 112 for the year 2022, during the presence of a high-level delegation from the International Labor Organization in Cairo, as evidence of the sustainability tools achieved by the project to strengthen labor relations and their institutions in Egypt, which is implemented by the Egyptian state with the “Labor Organization” of the United Nations, as an important development project that reflects the interest of the three components of the parties Work “government, employers and workers” alike with “freedom of association – social dialogue – and better work” and its positive impact on the Egyptian economy in general. And appreciation to the International Labor Organization for its role in supporting development projects and strengthening labor relations, and It shows the continuous and positive cooperation with the International Labor Organization, with which Egypt has signed since its establishment more than 64 a year ago 64 An international labor agreement, translated by the state in all its legislations related to the work file and the application of international labor standards on the ground..and publishing The “Infographic” is the text of the “Procedures Guide,” which begins with an introduction by the Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata, during which he explains the importance of this guide, and shows that the Egyptian state believes in social dialogue, and freedoms in general and union freedoms in particular, within the framework of the law. Then the “guide” includes 7 sections. The first: definitions, the second: steps and procedures for establishing trade union organizations, the third: the structure or structure of trade union organizations, the fourth: the duration of the electoral cycle and election procedures, the fifth: commitments about carrying out the activities of trade union organizations, the sixth: the resources and funds of trade union organizations, and the seventh clarifies The contents of the organization’s articles of association..

St. Catherine:

9448 as announced by the Ministry of Manpower in a statement about the opening of the mobile training vehicle that was sent by the ministry on Thursday before last to the city of Saint Catherine in South Sinai Governorate, and Ashraf Alam El Din, Director of the Directorate of Manpower in South Sinai, explained that the “cart” settled in the bosom of the mountain in Saint Catherine in preparation for the start of training courses. Training for the city’s women, in implementation of the directives of the Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata. A mobile training vehicle was launched from the headquarters of the General Office of the Ministry of Manpower in Nasr City, heading to Saint Catherine in South Sinai Governorate, as a new arm of the presidential initiative “A Decent Life”, to With the task of training Bedouin girls on the task of traditional handicrafts and hand embroidery, within the framework of the “Your Profession is Your Future” initiative, which is implemented by the “Ministry” in a number of Egyptian governorates, especially the villages most in need, located within the scope of “A Decent Life.” According to an official statement of the Ministry. The new vehicle comes within 11 a mobile training vehicle that the Ministry will launch in the next few years. In a number of governorates, to train young people in professions needed by the labor market, and that this vehicle that was launched, also comes in implementation of if The Minister of Manpower, Hassan Shehata, counted the Bedouins of St. Catherine, during his field trips to a number of work sites in South Sinai on 12 December 2018 last, to train more than 555 a lady on The embroidery profession and the traditional professions that characterize that region, qualify them for the labor market, and help them with small projects.

9448Safe migration:

The Ministry of Manpower researched with “international partners” about providing new paths for safe migration to move between countries, as well as activating oversight of “workers recruitment companies” by labor inspectors..a press release said that the “ministry” participated in a workshop entitled “fair recruitment and the role of labor inspectors.” Held in Cairo, within the framework of the regional project “Towards a Comprehensive Approach to Labor Migration and Labor Mobility in North Africa” “THAMM”, which is implemented by the Ministry in cooperation with the International Labor Organization, the International Organization for Migration, and the German Development Agency, which aims to govern labor migration. And provide safe migration paths for movement between countries, taking into account t Developing skills and raising competencies to suit the demands of destination countries.

*Our workers abroad:

9448 The Ministry of Manpower announced in a statement that the Labor Representation Office of the Ministry At the Egyptian Embassy in the Jordanian capital, Amman, he followed up with the officials of the Social Security Corporation in Jordan – as a continuation of what was previously transferred – the process of transferring the list 108 From the social security dues of about 112 Egyptian workers for the “Institution” who left Amman permanently..