The Minister of Higher Education witnesses the launching ceremony of the initiative to develop laboratories and centers of excellence

Aya Hussein

Dr. Ayman Ashour, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, witnessed the ceremony organized by the Science, Technology and Innovation Finance Authority; With the aim of handing over contracts for (13) projects, with a total financing amounting to (150) million pounds, as part of the appeal for the initiative to develop successful laboratories and centers of excellence funded by the Science, Technology and Innovation Finance Authority, in the presence of Dr. Walaa Sheta, CEO of the Authority, at the Ministry’s headquarters in the Fifth Settlement.

Dr. Ayman Ashour indicated that this appeal aims to link the academic community with the industrial and civil sectors, government agencies and governorates; To meet the challenges and develop the research infrastructure in the centers, explaining that there is a close link between the state’s needs in the economic regions and scientific research, stressing that the initiative that is being implemented today serves the community and links scientific research and technology with industry; To meet the challenges facing economic growth, in order to achieve the sustainable development goals of the state (Egypt’s Vision 2030), pointing to the importance of supporting industry and converting research ideas into products with economic returns and the importance of continuing applied research to localize the industry and increase the local component.

The minister confirmed that the amount of financial funding provided by the Science, Technology and Innovation Finance Authority amounts to 150 million pounds, explaining that there is a big boom in supporting scientific research and targeted initiatives that serve the community, noting the importance of integration and cooperation between Egyptian universities, institutions, research centers and institutes.

Dr. Walaa Sheta explained that the number of submitted projects amounted to (55) projects, and (13) projects were accepted in the following fields: (three projects in the field of medicine, two projects in pharmacy, one project in medical applications, and two projects in engineering , two projects in textiles, a project in water desalination, a project in agriculture, and a project in political science), from (9) entities, namely: the National Research Center, Ain Shams University, Mansoura University, Sohag University, Damietta University, Zewail City of Science and Technology Research Centre Sahara, Agricultural Research Center, Egyptian-Japanese University of Science and Technology, within the framework of the initiative to develop successful laboratories and centers of excellence funded by the authority.

The head of the authority indicated that the initiative was announced to develop 13 centers of excellence for a period of 18 months With funding amounting to 150 million pounds, pointing out that this stage, which was launched and is being implemented in a number of universities and research centers, has witnessed great competition between public universities and research centers.

Ambassador Wael El-Naggar, Egyptian Ambassador to Portugal, reviewed , Portugal’s experience in linking scientific research and technology with industry in the fields of (artificial intelligence, agriculture, water, and renewable energy), indicating that start-up companies have been established in these fields to give researchers a greater opportunity, explaining that the financing of these projects is through the Science Fund Portuguese technology and the industrial sector, praising the cooperation and twinning between the Portuguese Science and Technology Fund and the Science, Technology and Innovation Finance Authority in Egypt. To exchange experiences in technology, scientific research and joint financing.

Dr. Adel Abdel Ghaffar, the official spokesman and media advisor to the ministry, explained that the second phase of the initiative includes support and development of industry and cooperation with civil society, referring to international cooperation in this initiative through support Submitted by different countries such as the State of Portugal, pointing out that the centers of excellence serve the entire community as

There is a great diversity in the selection of winning projects in this initiative, as the fields of projects vary such as health, spinning and weaving, pharmacy, Engineering, water, and environmental support.

A number of open research calls were reviewed during the coming period, including: A call on One Health to support research and innovations that enhance cooperation between the various sectors in the country (medical – veterinary – environmental). , and the development of research outputs related to the areas of combating infectious and epidemic diseases, and this call will continue until February 19, 2023, and the second call for funding research plans for postgraduate students, with funding amounting to 250 thousand pounds for master’s students and 350 thousand pounds for PhD students PhD, and continues until February 13, 2023, and the third appeal about the Egyptian-Spanish program with funding amounting to 150 thousand euros, and continues until March 30, 2023, and the fourth appeal about the basic sciences grant, and continues until February 13, 2023, and the commission implements many international programs with several countries , including: China, France, Spain, Germany, Japan, Italy, the United States of America, in addition to the Partnership for Research and Innovation in the Mediterranean Region, and the British Royal Academy of Engineering in the United Kingdom.

He reviewed a number of The winning researchers presented their research projects, including: modernizing the materials characterization laboratory, the clinical research laboratory for pediatric ophthalmology, developing the research center for acoustics, vibrations and smart structures, the pharmacology center for scientific excellence, developing the experimental scale critical fluids laboratory: technology transfer and applications in the textile industry, sustaining the absorptive capacities of laboratories Center for Drug Discovery and Development Research, Raising the Capacity of the Ultra-Mini Manufacturing Center, Center of Excellence for Innovative Textile Technologies and Products, Egyptian Center of Excellence for Water Desalination Research Phase II Ras Sidr, Tat. The smart materials laboratories for advanced medical applications, the modernization of infrastructure and the sustainability of scientific research for the Center of Excellence for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine “CESC”, the development of the Egyptian International Center for Cotton Sorting.

The ceremony was witnessed by Dr. Yasser Refaat, Deputy Minister for Scientific Research Affairs, Dr. Mahmoud El-Metini, President of Ain Shams University, Dr. Mr. Dadour, President of Damietta University, Dr. Amr Adly, President of the Egyptian Japanese University, Dr. Hussein Darwish, head of the National Research Center, d. Abdullah Zaghloul, head of the Desert Research Center, d. Sherine Assem on behalf of d. Mohamed Suleiman, head of the Agricultural Research Center, d. Adel Abdel Ghaffar, media advisor and spokesperson for the ministry, d. Walid Al-Zawawi, Secretary of the Council of Research Centers, Institutes and Organizations.