Raya Electronics opens branch No. 60 in Jihan Sadat Corridor

Aya Hussain

Today, Raya Electronics Company, a subsidiary of Raya for Trade and Distribution, one of Raya Holding for Financial Investments companies, revealed the opening of the new branch of its chain of stores “Raya Stores” at Jihan El-Sadat Corridor, which connects east and south Cairo, making this branch number 60 in a chain of stores and branches of Raya Stores.

Raya Electronics Company 60 runs a store all over the Republic; 1280 Retail Store (Banner), and 15 An official selling outlet for Samsung, 3 i2 stores, and three Huawei stores. In addition to 139 an outlet for Etisalat, with a share approaching

% of Etisalat network.

This step comes as part of Raya Electronics’ efforts to achieve the highest international standards of consumer shopping in the Egyptian market, in addition to moving forward towards its strategy of geographical expansion And making its services available all over the Republic, and developing the consumer experience in stores in various regions.

Commenting on the new branch, Basem Mujahid, CEO of Raya Trading, commented, “The new headquarters is added to a long list of our stores that aim to Providing the Egyptian market with distinguished outlets for selling electronics in accordance with international quality standards. We are working in full swing to provide the highest levels of services and provide all electronics and home appliances from various international brands recognized for their efficiency and excellence at competitive prices.” added: “ We are also working within the framework of our strategy to develop stores to achieve the best customer experience and raise service standards to match the best international standards, in addition to our keen interest in electronic points of sale; Customer loyalty programs, and Omni-Channels unified sales channel systems that will provide a tight system that makes it easier for customers to obtain services from all sales channels of Raya showrooms with the same efficiency and without being restricted to going to specific branches in order to obtain products or after-sales services.”
He continued: “After-sales services come at the top of Raya’s strategic priorities, As one of the pillars of ensuring customer satisfaction, these services start from the Raya warranty card, through to the Raya Smart Care services that are provided at the highest level through a huge team of technical experts, to the constant communication with customers and listening to their comments that help the company develop its services.”

The integrated digital platform of Raya Electronics also has a website and an electronic application “Raya Shop” – which are considered one of the most powerful platforms for selling services