Allocation by the “online” first-come-first-serve system: Minister of Housing: Tomorrow, Sunday, electronic registration will begin to reserve 2,291 housing units in the “Outstanding Housing” projects of a coastal nature and “Katameya Gardens”

عاصم الجزار

Assem El Gazzar

Aya Hussain

The units offered in New Cairo, Rashid, Alamein, Damietta and New Mansoura

Dr. Asim Al-Jazzar, Minister of Housing, Utilities and Urban Communities, stated that tomorrow, Sunday, registration will start on the website of the Housing and Development Bank “”, 935138 to reserve 2, 291 housing units, in my “Excellent Housing” project, The coastal character, and “Katameya Gardens”, where the ministry offers its share in this project, which was implemented by a private sector company, and registration continues until Thursday 14 February 2023, and the reservation of “privileged housing” units starts from Monday morning 13 March 2023, and even Als Spark Plug 11: (Tuesday evening) March 2023 While booking units begins “Katameya Gardens” from 11 in the morning Wednesday 16 March 2021, and until now : 59 on Thursday evening 16 March 2023, and the allocation is made on the “online” first-come-first-served basis.

The Minister of Housing said: 500 a housing unit is being offered in the distinguished housing project of a coastal nature, with areas ranging from 90 And109 M2, in 4 new cities (New Rashid – New Mansoura – New Damietta – New Alamein), next to the offering 500 A residential unit in the “Katameya Gardens” project – the in-kind share of the New Urban Communities Authority, b New Cairo City.

Eng. Hatem Hassan, Vice President of the New Urban Communities Authority, indicated For Commercial and Real Estate Affairs, that the amount of seriousness of the reservation for the units of “distinguished housing of a coastal nature”, 26 one thousand pounds, and for “Katameya Gardens” units, 100 one thousand pounds, excluding registration fees, And the payment of 16 % is completed in addition to (1% administrative expenses + 5.0 % in favor of the Board of Trustees) of the total unit price, within a month starting from 16/03/ 2023, until the day of 06/05/2023.

Added: 06 % of the total unit price upon receipt, and 70 % (the rest of the unit price) in equal quarterly installments for 3 or 5 years Or 7 years bearing interest on the debit balance equal to the interest rate announced by the Central Bank of Egypt at the time of offering, in addition to (2% according to the instructions of the Ministry of Finance + 0.5% collection fees). The first installment is due after 3 months from the date of receiving the unit, provided that postdated checks are presented. before receiving it, and the unit holders can pay the rest of the unit price, the value of which is 60 % of the total price And that is through the real estate financing program at the Housing and Development Bank in accordance with the applicable rules, with the obligation to pay any amounts due to the Authority as soon as their deadlines come, until real estate financing is obtained.

The Vice President of the New Urban Communities Authority for Commercial and Real Estate Affairs explained that the first step for reservation (submission) starts from Sunday 13 January 2023, and until the hour 11: Thursday evening 14 February 2023, where entry is made on the elk site You can see (, 2023 of the Housing and Development Bank without a password, to view or print the conditions brochure, to find out all the details (spaces – prices – building numbers), with the possibility of reviewing the reservation steps (video / written), and in the absence of an existing account, a new account is created, by clicking on (new user registration), filling in the required data, and then entering the site again , and pressing the (I wish to apply) key, then (extracting the form number), and a screen will appear to review the basic data and modify it as needed, and after completing the review of the data, the customer presses (Confirm) to show the form number on the screen, which is the number that will be used as the account number for the transfer All amounts of money, and the form can be printed after that.

He said: The client By transferring the amount of the seriousness of the reservation, in addition to non-refundable registration fees – in one and indivisible payment – provided that the transfer is made from the account of the customer or a relative up to the second degree only, and the transferor shall bear the commissions and expenses of transferring from his bank account to the account number (Perg. The form that was obtained) at the Housing and Development Bank, Dokki branch, in one of the following ways: (Transfer from the customer’s account in all banks inside Egypt via “ACH”, or Swift code (HDBKEGCAXXX), or transfer from any branch of the Housing and Development Bank In the event that the customer has an account in the bank, or in cash at a branch of the Housing and Development Bank, a message (SMS) will be sent stating that the serious amount of the reservation has arrived within 72 an hour (3 working days) after transferring the amount of the seriousness of the reservation, and in the event that the message did not arrive during that period, you must contact the bank’s call center. Eng. Hatem Hassan confirmed that the reservation of “distinguished housing” units from

Monday morning 06 March 2023, to date : 26 on Tuesday evening 13 in March 2023, booking “Katameya Gardens” units From the hour 10 Wednesday morning 15 March 2023 to : 59 Thursday evening 16 March 2023, where the site is logged in again with the national number and password, and clicks on “I want to apply”, then clicks on the “Book now” icon, and it will appear A screen showing the basic data of the previously registered form (for viewing only), then a screen showing the data of the available units for reservation arranged as follows (province – city – region – unit type – building number – unit number), then pressing the reservation confirmation key with the possibility Print out the entire form.