ESCWA honors the Information Technology Institute (ITI) for the excellence of its training platform “Maharah Tech”

Aya Hussain

The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia “ESCWA” honored the “Maharah Tech” platform of the Institute of Information Technology (ITI).

“ESCWA” chose the “Maharah Tech” platform among the best projects with an impact on qualifying technological cadres and providing distinguished electronic content in the Arabic language in high-demand technical disciplines and linking them With self-employment skills.

20220320 Dr. Heba Saleh Raeis received The Institute of Information Technology ITI honored the award in a celebration organized by “ESCWA”.
ESCWA was established in to stimulate economic activity in member states, enhance cooperation among them and promote development.
The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia “ESCO” is one of the five committees to establish Lymia was founded by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and its headquarters is in Beirut, Lebanon. The “Maharah Tech” platform is the digital training arm of the Information Technology Institute (ITI), and it is an educational platform that provides high-quality training courses. The content provided through the platform was produced within the studio of the E-Learning Center at the Institute of Information Technology, which is equipped to produce high-quality electronic content that serves Arab youth In the information technology tracks and enriching the Arabic content and making it available to a wide range of learners to provide them with the newest modern technologies and developments in the information technology track.

The “Maharah Tech” platform aims to provide specialized training content in more than 10 Technological specializations in the Arabic language, and the number of users of the “Maharah Tech” platform in 2021 reached

A thousand users, while the number of educational videos on the platform reached more than

Video clip U.

The Institute provides, through the platform, several technological tracks, namely:
Software quality testing and assurance.

Self-employment. Designing educational content.

Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning.

Mobile application development. Integrated electronic circuit design.

The Internet of things.

OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE. 2021 Cyber ​​Security.