Dr. Magdi Yacoub receives the Minister of Social Solidarity at the Magdi Yacoub International Heart Center in the 6th of October City, Giza Governorate.

Fathi Al-Sayeh

and discusses ways of cooperation to overcome the needs of covering children with first care patients Heart

Minister of Social Solidarity:
We provided support and assistance to a total of 19 hospitals at a cost of approx 0075 million pounds over the past three years through Nasser Social Bank, Al-Mazaya Gate in the Social Solidarity budget, and the General Organization for Social Solidarity, including the Oncology Institute and Al-Qasr Hospital Al-Ainy

– We aim to provide equal health opportunities for those in need of care..and contribute to covering treatment expenses, especially for mothers and children..and families under The poverty line..and investing in health protects families from falling into poverty

Neven Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, conducted an inspection visit to the construction works of the Magdy Yacoub Foundation Center The new International Center for Heart Diseases and Research in the 6th of October City, Giza Governorate, where she was received by Sir Magdy Yaqoub, the international heart surgeon, in the presence of Ms. Zina Tawakul, Executive Director of the Foundation, Dr. Mohamed Zakaria, Medical Director of the Aswan Heart Center, and Dr. Emad Gamal, Deputy Medical Director of the Aswan Heart Center, and a number From the Board of Trustees of the Foundation and from the Orascom company responsible for the construction of the building. Sixth of October, which is expected to open at the end of 900, where I was briefed on the current equipment and listened to a detailed explanation about the construction model and the functional program plan for the work in the center, which was built On an area of ​​19 acres with future expansions, the building consists of 4 floors and 4 medical annexes, and the hospital will house 900 a bed that qualifies it to provide medical services for approximately A thousand patients every year.

The main objective of building the Majdi Center Jacob International Cardiologist in Giza Governorate is to provide n A distinguished model at the best international levels in heart treatment, completely free of charge; In order to improve the level of medical care provided to heart patients in the entire region, with the hope of saving and healing as many sick hearts as possible and treating as many complex cases as possible, as well as providing training and leading research that will benefit future generations.

The Minister of Social Solidarity met with the Board of Trustees of the Magdi Yacoub Foundation for Heart Diseases, and a team of construction companies responsible for the work of establishing the new center, expressing her happiness at establishing a global edifice in the heart of Greater Cairo, similar to the Magdi Yacoub International Center in Aswan, which is characterized by the type of operations it offers, as the treatment of valves is completed through catheterization in the center, which qualifies it to provide more than one solution for the treatment of valve diseases (mitral, aortic and pulmonary), especially for those with complex and high-risk cases.

Kabbaj confirmed her keenness on cooperation between the Ministry of Social Solidarity and the Magdi Yacoub Foundation for Heart Diseases and Research, within the framework of keenness on close cooperation between the government sector and the private sector. And civil society institutions, in a way that contributes to the integration between the concerned state institutions to provide the best services to citizens.

The Minister of Social Solidarity added that the Ministry does not only provide cash support, but also cares about the health and education of children, through the conditional cash support program “Solidarity and Dignity”, noting that the Ministry is keen to support medical services in medical institutions that contribute to the treatment of children and families who are unable, as it provided support during the past three years to 19 hospitals, at a cost of about 200 million pounds through Nasser Social Bank and the Mazaya Gate in the Social Solidarity budget and the General Organization for Social Solidarity. Alzheimer’s patients, People’s Hospital for Heart Treatment, Cancer Institute, 900 Children’s Cancer Hospital, Kasr Al-Aini Hospital, incubators for premature babies in Qena, Dialysis Center in Hajaza in Qena, Nasr Al-Nuba Hospital in Aswan, and Al-Mabara Hospital in Assiut.