“Tayel Group” launches the “Hayat City” project, the first integrated city in New Assiut

Eman Al-Wasli

The “Tail Group” launched Hayat City, which is considered the first unique urban complex located in the new city of Assiut, in the middle of the largest commercial, administrative, residential, medical, and entertainment gathering in Upper Egypt. Eng. Ahmed Omran, general manager and head of the commercial sector of the company, said that the city includes various urban complexes within it and consists of 3 areas, which are “Hayat Residence” and “Hayat Elite” and the entertainment commercial area “Vuvuzela”.

“Omran” confirmed that Hayat Residence Compound spots in the heart of the new city of Assiut, which is characterized by a distinct and contemporary urban design and is surrounded by a group of arterial and vital roads that connect it to the rest of the city’s stages for ease of movement.

On the other hand, Eng. Ahmed Omran, the general manager and head of the commercial sector of the company, indicated that “Hayat City” is located in the area of ​​M. Giza in the new city of Assiut, and Hyatt City is characterized by its unique location, as it is located in the center of the largest entertainment area, and is characterized by the presence of privacy in buildings of an architectural nature for a more luxurious life.

And Omran continued, saying, “Then comes the entertainment and commercial area “Vuvuzela”, which includes the amusement park, Vuvuzela Park, which simulates in its establishment the largest entertainment cities in the world. There is also an entertainment walkway characterized by the presence of wide green spaces and a fountain. A dancer, and along its extension there is a group of restaurants and shops for a different shopping experience. The group is in line with the national vision of Egypt 914 in expanding in new urban communities with smart infrastructure to achieve the principles and goals of sustainable development.