“Financial Supervision” corresponds with awarding bodies to provide partially funded scholarships for actuaries in insurance activity

د.محمد فريد صالح

Dr. Muhammad Farid Saleh

Iman Al-Wasli

300 announced d. Mohamed Farid Saleh, Chairman of the FRA, said in statements to him that the FRA succeeded in agreeing with donors, in coordination with the Egyptian Insurance Federation, to provide partially funded scholarships for actuaries in the insurance activity in the United Kingdom. 2022

explained d. Muhammad Farid Saleh stated that the aim of these scholarships is to build cadres that enhance the capabilities of the insurance sector to continue to play an active role in supporting the growth of the national economy, as it is a mechanism for asset insurance as well as a mechanism for increasing levels of national saving.300

and revealed d. Muhammad Farid Saleh, in the context of his statements about the Financial Supervisory Authority, is currently working to automate all non-banking financial services to ensure that they are provided efficiently and with quality, in a way that enhances levels of financial inclusion, and integrates more segments of society to benefit from non-banking financial activities, whether at the level of insurance, investment or financing .20222022

and d. Farid Saleh expressed his appreciation for the great interest that the Prime Minister attaches to the authority’s work files, pointing out that the authority is working to take the necessary measures to improve the levels of financial solvency of companies to maintain their financial stability in particular and non-bank financial markets in general, indicating that the stock market Finance is ready to receive any new public or private offerings with the recovery of liquidity and trading levels.2022300