“WhatsApp” launches a new feature to ensure the continuation of its service in countries that ban it

Aya Hussain

The social networking application WhatsApp has launched a new feature to help bypass Ban measures, at a time when imposing restrictions on social media applications and websites has become a common practice in countries subject to authoritarian regimes, as is the case in Iran, which banned WhatsApp and Instagram, and in order to help users circumvent censorship, the WhatsApp application launched a new proxy tool that allows It continued to be used despite the ban. “We are fully aware that as we celebrate the New Year via text messages and voice chats, there were many people who were deprived of the ability to reach their loved ones due to the shutdown of internet service.”

The application added in the message that it is possible to choose a proxy so that it can connect to WhatsApp through services provided by volunteers or organizations around the world. It works to help people communicate freely, and still using WhatsApp through a proxy server guarantees a “high level” of privacy and security, as the message will remain protected from any attempts to intercept or spy, and the proxy service is currently available in the latest version of WhatsApp, and he specifically referred to Iran Where the internet service has been disturbed for months, with the aim of depriving the people of their human rights and preventing them from obtaining urgent aid.