Vodafone Egypt” issues the first digital sustainability report in Egypt

Aya Hussain

launched a company “Vodafone Egypt”
its fourth digital sustainability report, during which it presents information about the company’s performance and impact in the economic, social and environmental field, as well as its initiatives aimed at Developing its performance in these areas, relying on digital means in preparing the report, collecting and presenting data, which is part of Vodafone’s initiative to raise awareness inside and outside the company about the impact of its sustainability mechanisms, and how to deal with the various impacts that result from its operations in a responsible and sustainable manner, as it plans Vodafone Egypt to publish its report digitally on an annual basis, and update the information regularly directly on its website.20230116
“Vodafone Egypt” is the first telecom company to issue a digital sustainability report that follows the ESG approach – Environmental, Social and Governance Investment on a voluntary basis, and the report follows the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative “GRI”, which supports Using the sustainable reporting policy on Vodafone’s social, economic and environmental performance, within the framework of presenting Vodafone’s efforts and relying on its experience in the field of digital transformation and the field of sustainability in general.

In this regard, Ayman Essam, Head of Foreign and Legal Affairs Sector at Vodafone Egypt, said that this report is part of Vodafone’s efforts to enhance transparency, to present its work in the field of achieving sustainability, due to its belief in its important role in participating in achieving the plan The state, in line with Egypt’s vision 2023 in this field, stressing the importance of institutions having a strong strategy for sustainability, because of their important role in enhancing the efficiency of Resources, supporting risk management and building trust with stakeholders, in a way that achieves added value by relying on technology and digital means.

This comes , in light of the Egyptian state’s interest in preserving the environment, and its orientation to environmentally friendly projects, after hosting the COP 27 climate conference that was held in Sharm El-Sheikh During last November, Vodafone Egypt was a strategic partner for the conference, within the framework of the keenness of Mr A company to cooperate with the responsible authorities in Egypt, to participate in various environmental activities and projects.
Vodafone also worked to provide full support to the Egyptian government in preparing the COP Climate Conference 27 at the highest level by developing and improving the network in Sharm El-Sheikh and the “The Smallest Change Makes a Big Difference” campaign, to educate the public to change negative daily habits, in addition to signing a memorandum of understanding between Vodafone Egypt and the New and Renewable Energy Development and Use Authority to start discussions on the possibility of using renewable electric energy produced from the Authority’s projects to feed the components of its network.

Vodafone is also interested in providing all financial and economic digital services that help its customers in their transactions, including Vodafone Cash, which owns more than 65% of the market share of financial e-wallet transactions in Egypt, the VHUB platform that aims to empower small and medium businesses, the digital educational platform that serves More than two million beneficiaries and improving the quality of education provided to refugees by bringing the number of beneficiaries N of them to 27 thousand through the instant network schools.

Vodafone Egypt has participated in the initiatives of the Ministry of Environment within the framework of the campaign “Get Green” under the auspices of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and has participated in the E-Tadweer project for the recycling and safe disposal of electronic waste, Vodafone also relies on renewable energy in its various headquarters.