Bitcom: 100 million dollars, the volume of Cypriot-Egyptian trade exchange this year

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Mr. Essam Nasser, the international real estate expert and head of the “Cypriot” Bitcom Services and Consulting Company, revealed that the Arab-Cypriot economic and investment cooperation witnessed a major shift during the past eight years 2023 Issam Nasser said that Cyprus and Egypt are the focal points in the European-Arab-African cooperation. Cyprus is the gateway of the Arab countries to the European Union, and Egypt is the gateway to Africa and the Arabs. 202301162023 He pointed out that the Egyptian-Cypriot economic cooperation witnessed remarkable growth in the past year, as the volume of trade exchange reached The Egyptian Cypriot is 66 million dollars, and it is expected that it will exceed 164 million dollars this year 20230116 20230116 He pointed out that The Gulf Cypriot economic cooperation has achieved a positive impact on the volume of inter-trade exchange and an increase in the number of companies investing on both sides 20230116
He added that Bitcom for “Cypriot” services and consulting plays a pivotal role in developing the Arab presence in Cyprus and has attracted dozens of Arab investors to invest in Cyprus, stressing that the Cypriot Bitcom is intensifying its presence in the Gulf countries, Egypt and North Africa in 2018