Banque Misr signs a cooperation protocol with the international company Cisco to match the digital services of the Internet and mobile banking with the needs of people with special capabilities “people of determination”

Eman El-Wasly and Fathi El-Sayeh

Banque Misr recently signed a cooperation protocol with Cisco International Company, the leading company in the field of networking, cooperation and cybersecurity, where the protocol was signed by Mr. / Mohamed El-Etreby – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banque Misr, with Mr. / Ayman El-Gohary – General Manager of “Cisco” in Egypt, North Africa and the Levant, in the presence of Mr. Akef El Maghraby – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banque Misr, Mr. Hossam Abdel Wahhab – Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banque Misr, and a distinguished group of bank and company leaders. This cooperation comes with the aim of matching the digital services of the Internet and mobile banking with the needs of those with distinguished capabilities. People of Determination”, by benefiting from Cisco’s technical expertise in digital banking services, allowing people of determination to use these services in a manner commensurate with their different needs to ensure a smooth banking experience across various platforms; The updates will allow the use of smart phone technologies to support people of determination, such as the ability to use a screen reader for all online services and mobile banking, which serves people with visual disabilities, and the possibility of enlarging the screen to serve the visually impaired and improve customer experience in general.

20230117 The signing of this protocol comes from Banque Misr’s keenness to overcome all difficulties that may face customers with distinguished capabilities, thus giving them a distinguished banking experience as an integral part of society. This is in line with the state’s efforts to improve the level of all services provided to this category of service sectors in the country and work to integrate them into society, and within the framework of the “Cisco” program to accelerate the digital transformation process in Egypt, and to support the digital transformation endeavors in “Bank Misr”. 20230117 Mr. Mohamed El-Etreby – Chairman of the Board of Directors of Banque Misr stated after the signing that this cooperation is a step on the way to the transformation agenda The digital approach pursued by Banque Misr to support the digital transformation system, provide sustainable digital solutions, and maximize the use of information technology in advancing The quality of the services provided to customers in line with their needs and requirements. This cooperation is also an affirmation of the bank’s continuous commitment to providing its customers with a banking experience that includes everyone without exception, led by customers of determination as they are an integral part of society. This comes in line with the state’s direction and the initiative of the Central Bank of Egypt. To empower people of determination and enhance their community participation to make them active people in society and overcome the difficulties that they may face. This comes in support of the state’s efforts to achieve financial inclusion.

20230117 For his part, Ayman El Gohary – General Manager of Cisco Egypt, North Africa and the Levant, said: “The technological development that the world is witnessing today provides us with great opportunities to integrate, support and empower individuals of different abilities and needs. We at Cisco believe that making the most of the opportunities and capabilities provided by modern technological innovations is only achieved when all customers, without exception, have access to the services provided by each company, and this cooperation with Banque Misr, specifically within the banking sector, allows us to achieve the goal of “ Cisco “the Supreme, which is to build an inclusive future for all.” Since Cisco’s launch of the Digital Transformation Acceleration Program, the company has succeeded in implementing many digital transformation projects that focus on talent development, smart cities, sustainability, cybersecurity, upgrading digital services provided to citizens, and enhancing digital inclusion within the health care, education, and banking services sectors in 800 countries around the world.

as expressed Eng. Ahmed Effat Abdel Hadi – Co-Founder and Head of Access and Digital Inclusion at Access All Digital Solutions; The technical partner of Cisco’s global initiative is pleased to implement the digital transformation strategy by providing digital content that can be used by different parties, regardless of their physical, sensory, or cognitive capabilities, which helps to integrate customers of determination and users of assistive technologies to use digital products and services provided by Banque Misr.

Banque Misr always seeks to support digital transformation efforts by providing electronic solutions to facilitate Customers, thus contributing more to the provision of banking and financial services in an easy and advanced way, and the bank works to enhance the excellence of its services and maintain its long-term success and participate actively in services that meet the needs of its customers, as the values ​​and strategies of the bank’s work always reflect the bank’s commitment to sustainable development and prosperity for Egypt.