Banque du Caire offers an annual “Gold” certificate in Egyptian pounds, with a return of 25%

بنك القاهرة
Cairo Bank

Fathi Al-Sayeh and Iman Al-Wasli

Banque du Caire issued an “Annual Gold” certificate for a year with a return of 100% 10 shall be disbursed at the end of the period, as shall be subtracted

The bank has the same certificate with a return of 5%. It is paid monthly, for a short period until the proceeds are achieved

1000 target.20221000 This step comes within the framework of the bank’s continuous keenness to meet the requirements of all segments of customers and motivate owners of
1000 By providing the best competitive return that maximizes the value of savings in Egyptian pounds. Deposits to preserve the purchasing value of their savings, as well as stimulate the savings value of the Egyptian pound from

This certificate has many competitive advantages in terms of the rate of return and the periodicity of exchange.

from this certificate since the start of calculating the return from the day following the purchase, and the value of the certificate cannot be redeemed without

After 6 months have passed, and after the expiry of the certificate period, its full nominal value will be refunded.

It is also possible to borrow with the guarantee of the certificate at a rate of 100% 90 of its value and up to the minimum purchase of the certificate
1000 (EGP) and its multiples, without a maximum purchase limit, through the branches of Banque du Caire, amounting to about
1000 25 Branch and banking unit Spread throughout the Republic.