The e&e Group is named the most valuable brand portfolio in the telecom sector in the Middle East and Africa

Iman Al-Wasli.

The value of the &e Group’s portfolio of brands exceeds billion dollars, according to the “Brand Finance Global 169” report for 2021 Which was announced during the activities of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos

Etisalat from e& succeeds in maintaining its position as the strongest brand by obtaining the leading rating (AAA) in all categories in the Middle East and Africa region, And one of the top three telecom brands in the world.

14 January : The e& Group (formerly known as Etisalat Group) today cemented its position as the most valuable portfolio brand in the telecom sector in the Middle East and Africa, according to a report by Brand Finance Global 2021” for the year 2021, which was announced during the activities of the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos.

& e Group achieved remarkable business growth and gained great confidence from its partners in 2021, which reflects its efforts to transform into a leading global group In technology and investment, after the total value of the Group’s trademark portfolio in the telecommunications sector exceeded 14 billion dollars.

The e& Group has taken significant strategic steps that contributed to achieving this advanced classification, including the development of business models within the group in an effort to improve the level of customer services, in addition to many innovative digital services and solutions provided by the business pillars of the group

“Etisalat by & e”, the group’s strongest brand in the telecom sector, succeeded in retaining its position as the strongest brand in all sectors in the Middle East and Africa in this year’s report, with a score of 53.1 out of 53 to achieve the leading rating (AAA). Etisalat from e& was also ranked among the 3 most powerful brands in the telecommunications sector in the world, in line with the group’s rich heritage in the telecommunications sector, supports its spread and confirms its efficiency and its record of distinguished achievements in the field of customer service.

Hatem Dowidar, CEO of e&Group, said: “The group’s obtaining this title is part of the Brand Finance Global report 169 for the year 2023, reflects our harmony with the prestigious global position that the United Arab Emirates is leading today in advancing economic growth through its investment in providing advanced communications infrastructure and achieving digital transformation.”

He added, “ The group has evolved from a provider of traditional communications services to a leading global conglomerate in technology and investment, and by building on a long legacy over 53 years of innovation in Communications services and technology, we are proud today of obtaining this international classification, which prompts us to continue providing the latest services and innovative solutions to our customer base, which exceeds 162 million customers in 16 a country in the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Accelerate the sustainable growth of each of the main business pillars, and the group continues in its leading role globally to enable the foundations of digital transformation for everyone, including individuals and customers from government agencies and companies of all sizes, by providing advanced digital solutions.”

(Making a more sustainable digital future

Dwidar said: “e& has taken important and tangible steps to achieve digital transformation, and during the year 2022 it intensified its efforts In various fields such as: artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, augmented and virtual reality technologies, the Internet of Things, metaverse, in addition to cloud services, which made it able to move forward and play a leading role in shaping the future of technology. We are working in the e& group to implement strategic plans that contribute to reshaping the future of business, through a positive impact in all sectors, and to provide exceptional digital customer experiences that give them the ability to quickly adapt and be ready for the future. We are also constantly working to strengthen our global position by adopting smooth business models that are capable of sustainable growth in the digital world, for the benefit of all.”

He added: “Sustainability is at the core of all our business, and it has become Environmental, social and corporate governance standards are an integral part of the e&G group’s business model, as we have succeeded in creating an integrated system within which we work and communicate, and provide our products and services to customers and partners, which makes us a major player in the mission of working towards implementing sustainable technological solutions, which culminated recently in the group’s announcement It is committed to achieving climate neutrality across its operations, supported by concrete actions to reduce carbon emissions by 2030, which is another step towards intensifying our efforts in the field of global climate action.”

The e& group made great strides during the year 2021 contributing positively to its journey to becoming one of the largest technology groups in the world, by uniting the efforts of all its business pillars and subsidiaries, and strengthening the strength of the brand The group worldwide, through continuous strategic communication with its clients In all markets, and holding a group of global partnerships such as the Etihad Airways Grand Prix

for Formula 1 Abu Dhabi, and the sponsorship of Al-Ahly Club of Egypt, the giant of African football, in addition to the group’s partnership with Manchester City Football Club.

Commenting on this event, David Hay, Chairman and CEO of Brand Finance, said: “With the continuation of The communications industry faced more challenges in the “commodification” process, which is an attempt to transform its services and characteristics into traded goods. The e& group took bold and necessary steps to draw its brand identity, in order to open the door to more opportunities and provide new services. The continuous development of the brand at the e& group It enhances the ability to expand into new digital and innovative services that add to its journey as a global brand.”

Brand Finance is the world’s leading independent brand valuation advisory body, and is responsible for issuing Brand Strength Report (Stronger 2021 brand in the world). Founded in 2021 and headquartered in London, it aims to bridge the gap between the marketing and finance sectors, and evaluates more than 5000 brands from all sectors. and geographies each year.

Etisalat Group launched its new brand, e&, in February2021 which through its strategy aims to accelerate growth through a business model Flexible is represented by the main business sectors of the group.

The telecommunications sector comes at the top of those sectors, represented by “Etisalat from e&” in the group’s headquarters in the UAE, and e& International in the global markets of the group, to preserve the legacy The group and its distinction in providing superior communication services, providing the latest networks, and enhancing value for the various customers of the group. eDigital is the next generation of digital services that keep pace with the daily life requirements of customers, including entertainment, retail, mobility, and financial technology services.

“e& Enterprises” focuses on enhancing value Through integrated cybersecurity solutions, cloud computing, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, as well as serving mega projects to enable the digital transformation of governments and the business sector.

“e& Investment” will focus its efforts on exploring investment opportunities, to enhance the group’s presence


About e&:

&e& is a leading global group of The field of technological and digital investment. And with the achievement of consolidated revenues of 53. 3 billion dirhams and consolidated net profits of 9.3 billion dirhams in the year 500, In addition to the strength of its credit rating, the group reflects the strength of its financial and operational performance in the long term.

And starting from Abu Dhabi more than 4 decades ago as the first provider D Communication Services in the UAE, the group is currently operating in 14 markets throughout the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

& e& provides innovative digital solutions, smart connectivity services, and next-generation technologies, benefiting a broad customer base across key sectors that are the pillars of the group, namely, e& Communications, & e& International, e& Life, e& Enterprises, and e& Investment.

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