The largest French companies participate in the Arab Health Exhibition Arab Health 2023

Fathy Al-Sayeh

In the framework of the
session of the Arab Health Exhibition “Arab Health”, French healthcare experts will register their presence in this pioneering event in the field of healthcare Middle and Near East Region, in the period from 13 January to February 2 2022. This year’s session will witness a strong French presence through a delegation consisting of 88 a French company participating under the umbrella of the French Healthcare initiative, French Healthcare, in partnership with the French Healthcare Association, which brings together the most important French players. In the field of health care wishing to jointly promote their activities at the international level, Rebalance Tech, Orasanti and Defop with the aim of shedding more light on their distinguished medical expertise and leadership in this field and strengthening their presence on the international scene. French companies will present their smart solutions designed to meet current health challenges, in line with the exhibition’s slogan “Innovation and Sustainability in the Field of Healthcare.”

After the great success of the 2022 edition that collected Professionals from more than 88 countries, the “Arab Health” exhibition in its current edition renews its commitment to provide great opportunities for the medical and scientific community, as a unifying event for the health ecosystem in the Middle and Near East region. In this year’s session, the four days of its convening will witness many presentations and business meetings.

For its part, France will record this year a strong presence through a highly qualified delegation composed of 88 A French company expert in the field of health care, organized by the National Agency to support the development of the French economy internationally, Business France through three pavilions distributed over specialized sectors that will be located in:

– Zabeel Hall 2 for the “Medical Equipment and Devices” sector

– Sheikh Rashid Hall for the “Orthopedics and Physiotherapy / Rehabilitation” sector

– Sheikh Saeed Hall 1 for the “Imagination and Diagnostics” sector

health in the United Arab Emirates and the region. It is also an occasion to discover the latest technologies and innovations presented in the French pavilions, such as medical consumables, orthopedics, health care, public services, imaging, medical devices, information technology, health and prevention, infrastructure, assets, and more. The event will also witness the visit of Mr. Jean-Patrick Lajonchere, Special Adviser to the French Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister Delegate for Foreign Trade and Enhancing the Attractiveness of Exports of French Health Products and Services in 13 and Jan.

A strong French presence in the UAE and key strategic partnerships

in the country Highly committed to improving the healthcare system, France has a strong presence through reputable and qualified players such as Ibsen, Servier, Sanofi, Pierre Fabre…to name a few. Thus, the “Arab Health” exhibition will be an opportunity for more French players in this sector to explore the market and develop strong relationships with local partners.

During the month of September of the year 2022, four major French non-profit hospitals: Institut Curie, Hospitals Paris Saint-Joseph, Hospitals Marie Lanlong, Hospital Rothschild Foundation and medical services and consulting company C3Medical, announced their cooperation in opening an office in Dubai in order to fully meet the needs of the population in the Middle East Better and strengthen relationships with the local ecosystem.

It is noteworthy that investments in health care in the United Arab Emirates go beyond investment in the production of pharmaceuticals, as they aim to reach the core Generate knowledge in the field of diseases and their treatments. In mid-June 2022, the French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi signed a memorandum of joint cooperation with the Department of Health in Abu Dhabi in four strategic areas in the field of healthcare, including research and development.

As part of this memorandum of cooperation, Sanofi will provide its support in launching a clinical research project and a protocol for diagnosing and identifying patients, in addition to participating in the Cancer Advisory Group of the Department of Health Abu Dhabi to develop important policies for elderly cancer patients. Likewise, the two parties will work to establish a project for the investigation and examination of groups most at risk of infection in order to detect rare metabolic diseases using artificial intelligence tools.

France enjoys global fame in the field of health care thanks to its industrial, scientific and medical expertise and its performance Outstanding health. It also leads the way in the fight against cancer, has one of the best cure rates and more than 88 research projects and 13 awards Nobel in Medicine.

Commenting on the French participation in the 47th edition of the “Arab Health” exhibition, Axelle Barrot, French Trade and Investment Commissioner and Managing Director of Business France Middle East, said: “France is pleased to renew its commitment By participating in the “Arab Health” exhibition. I believe that French companies from the French healthcare sector, already present in the UAE and French companies exhibiting in Arab Health seeking new partnerships, can build, in partnership with local healthcare professionals, a powerful new healthcare system.” He added, “Facilitating access to care, improving the health system, and providing new technologies and services to patients is a common aspiration of the French-Emirati health care authorities and systems.”

Innovation is at the heart of French companies’ strategies

French companies multiply their expertise and excellence by proposing innovative concepts. It also represented significant research and development efforts: 6% of sales in 2020, making innovation a key element of French companies’ development strategies. France’s expertise is based on national research centers, competitive clusters and universities that place it at the forefront of global health research. France ranks fifth in the world in terms of the number of patents filed.

French company Rebalance Tech has developed a revolutionary solution for mental health and nervous relaxation: Rebalance Impulse®. A cognitive stimulation and training device based on applied neuroscience and primarily dedicated to combating chronic stress, improving sleep quality, and increasing vitality. The effectiveness of Rebalance Impulse ® has been the subject of clinical studies published in the world-renowned scientific journal Frontiers in Psychology. , healthcare and corporations. The programs built into this innovative, non-invasive solution target: Neurological Relaxation, Sleep, Addiction, Memory and Focus, Pain Management, Emotion Management, Slimming, Anti-Aging Brain, Long-Term Recovery from COVID-, and post-traumatic stress disorder.