Sony redefines the concept of a traditional telephoto lens

Iman Al-Wasili


A new addition to Sony’s line of mountable E-mount lenses that delivers high quality images, superior AF performance and incredible operability

Cairo, 18 January 2023, Sony revealed Its new “FE 35-35mm F4 G lens (Model – SEL (G)” which redefines the concept of traditional telephoto lenses with an ultra-wide telephoto range 18-70 in a remarkably compact and lightweight full-frame lens, with an aperture of F4 over the entire telephoto field.

These The new lens, which is part of the G LensTM lens, meets the requirements of a wide range of content creators, thanks to its image quality, high-speed resolution, AF tracking, and intelligent design for maximum performance in portability and operability. The FE 30-70mm F4 G lens is the ideal choice for a variety of content shots. From video blogs and film production to stills from portraits and landscapes.

In this context, Sajeer Shamsu, Head of Digital Imaging Division at Sony Middle East and Africa, said: “The disclosure comes The new lens “FE 30-35mm F4 G” is part of our efforts to redefine the concept of Standard telephoto lenses. The lens has an impressive, ultra-wide telephoto range from 18 mm to 70 mm to ensure true versatility It is perfectly designed to serve content creators in both stills and video in the Middle East and Africa region, with its advanced imaging capabilities and high-level operability.”

A standard telephoto lens New compact and lightweight covering an ultra-wide range of 18 to 35 mm

progression “FE 18-mm F4 G” delivers outstanding optical performance in a compact and lightweight lens, with an unprecedented ultra-wide telephoto range of 18 mm to 70 mm and consistent F4 aperture, thanks to Sony’s latest lens designs and Linear Motors XD (ultra dynamic) technology. When paired with a compact mirrorless camera body, this lens can deliver superior image quality in any situation and at all focal lengths. It is an excellent choice for shooting with minimal equipment.

Moreover, it allows the telephoto end of the field 20 mm Ultra Wide, maintains a wide angle when shooting video with an aspect ratio of 18:9 and 2.:1.

Stunning Image Quality Consistent with Class G Lens Logo

FE Lens Advance 18 – (mm F4 G”) Stunning imaging quality and beautiful bokeh effect fully match the G-series lens logo.

With Sony’s latest technology, the new lens features the image quality of G-series lenses in a compact lens Size and light weight. With two AA (Advanced Aspherical) elements, one aspherical element, three ED (Extra-low Dispersion) and one Ultra-low Dispersion (ED) glass elements, this lens’ state-of-the-art design continuously corrects both spherical and chromatic aberration to deliver extremely high optical performance over the entire zoom range . Enhanced overlays add high anti-glare and shape reproduction to this optical design, for exceptional contrast and clarity.

While beautiful bokeh uses full-frame sensors, the image is further enhanced by a circular aperture lens. 9 blades and optimally adjust the spherical aberration. Features designed to deliver stunning, memorable images.

The short minimum focusing distance of an FE lens enables 20-70mm F4 G Ease of controlling the angle of shooting subjects such as small flowers, to find the optimal angle (0.3m at the wide end and 0. (m at the telephoto end of the zoom range when using autofocus). Maximum magnification is 0.30x for detailed and dynamic close-ups.

Raised AF performance in Camera Pushed to the Limit for Stills and Video

The lens focus group is based on two of Sony’s latest XD linear motors, delivering top-level thrust for a fast, quiet, and vibration-free focus motor Low. Drive efficiency has been greatly improved over previous models, resulting in a 35% increase in AF speed, and because tracking performance has improved nearly two-fold compared to previous models, it is now possible to track Moving elements with confidence, precision and harmony. Reliable tracking is achieved when shooting continuous still images of moving subjects at up to 35 fps with the AlphaTM 1 camera body, and smooth video recording is possible when shooting at framework…