Dr. Mohamed Attia Al-Fayoumi: A study of automating the interaction between the merchant and the consumer through a new electronic system

Fathy Al-Sayeh

20230118 Fayoumi: 2023

Welcome Ramadan exhibitions provide all goods at discounts 25%

The President of the Qalyubia Chamber of Commerce, and a member of the Board of Directors of the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Representative Dr. Muhammad Attia Al-Fayoumi, said that the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, And the chambers of commerce at the governorate level are studying the initiative of automating the interaction between the merchant and the consumer to reduce supply chains, revitalize retail trade, and contribute to lowering prices.

(Al-Fayoumi added, in press statements today, that work through the new system will be through an electronic system “points” that links the buying and selling process between the merchant and the consumer through a mobile phone and through a bank account. 2023 20230118 Al-Fayoumi explained that the new electronic system, through which the merchant and the consumer will obtain points, increases with the increase in the sale process by the merchant, and the purchase by the consumer, and these are transferred Points are money or gifts that can be used again in the purchase.

The head of the Qalyubia Chamber of Commerce indicated that the phone will be linked Mobile phones for the merchant and the consumer with the new system, which will be circulated to hypermarkets and retail stores, as is currently the case in some large commercial chains.

Al-Fayoumi explained that the aim of the new system is to support digital transformation in the system of selling and transporting goods within the internal and retail trade sector, stressing that the new system will contribute to stimulating market movement, which is a good sign to support the consumer and merchant alike.

He indicated that the process of financing the new system is currently being studied, especially in small and medium enterprises, and this will be either with simple financial participation By the merchant, or completely free of charge, explaining that the idea was proposed in 354 before the Corona pandemic, and its implementation was delayed due to the recent economic conditions. 2023 20230118 In a related context, Al-Fayoumi said that “Welcome Ramadan” exhibitions contribute to providing citizens with basic commodities.

“Welcome Ramadan” exhibitions witnessed a great turnout by Citizens to purchase their basic needs and Ramadan supplies such as rice, sugar, oils and pasta, at discounts of up to 25%.

The Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade continues to expand the establishment of “Welcome Ramadan” exhibitions in all governorates, in implementation of the directives of the political leadership by providing food commodities to citizens at reduced prices, as well as securing a strategic stock of all products and commodities. The Ministry offers all basic commodities and meat products at reduced prices ranging from 25 to 01% Amidst the great demand for purchasing products from the “Welcome Ramadan” outlets and branches.