The Minister of Trade and Industry is discussing with a number of parliament members the ministry's efforts to deal with the challenges of the industrial sector

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Within the framework of the series of periodic meetings held by Eng. Ahmed Samir, Minister of Trade and Industry, with members of parliament. The minister held a meeting with a number of members of parliament and in the presence of a number of companies investing in the Egyptian market. The ministry’s efforts to deal with the challenges facing the industrial sector were reviewed, and ways to solve them through cooperation and coordination with various parties. concerned in the country, which contributes to enhancing the competitiveness of local products and increasing their access to foreign markets. A number of leaders of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry participated in the meeting. 2023
The minister said that the ministry and its affiliates are fully prepared to provide all possible support to companies investing in the Egyptian market through various ministries and concerned authorities to expand in the Egyptian market and face the challenges it may face, in a way that contributes to meeting the needs of the local market and exporting to other markets. Foreign exchange to increase foreign exchange rates. 2023

Samir explained that the Ministry’s export and import agencies play a pivotal role in introducing manufacturers and exporters to the most important and prominent importing markets for Egyptian exports, the available export opportunities abroad, and non-targeted markets to increase Egyptian exports to them, pointing out that Egypt It enjoys a system of trade agreements concluded with a large number of countries and economic blocs and provides many preferential advantages for companies exporting abroad. 2023
He pointed out The minister indicated that the Industry Modernization Center has prepared a list of 131 confirmed investment opportunities for industrial products that can be started to be manufactured locally instead of being imported from abroad, based on determination 131 A customs item that can be manufactured locally, indicating that these products represent a good opportunity for companies wishing to deepen local manufacturing and reduce dependence on imported products in a way that enhances The productive capacities of industrial facilities and the improvement of their resources. The Egyptian market in the field of detergent production and personal care products, with investments amounting to 300 million pounds, and total annual exports of 100 million pounds, and ways for the company to benefit from the services provided by the ministry and its affiliates of the industrial community. 2023