IWG reveals its plans for the new year by opening co-working spaces in four new locations

Ashraf Tawfiq

Cairo, Egypt, 18 January, 2023: In order to enhance its presence and meet the demand The benchmark among Egyptian companies for flexible workspaces, IWG, the world’s leading provider of co-working spaces and flexible working, has signed partnerships with a number of major real estate developers to develop four new co-working spaces in Cairo.
3500 The company was keen to make the new centers unique in distinctive locations within areas witnessing an increase in the volume of demand, especially since this type of space meets the needs of companies from different sizes, and the four new centers are scheduled to be launched within a year 2023 in “Pioneer Plaza”, “Maspero Business Tower” and “One Kattameya Maadi”.

3500 Signature at The View by the Waterway Building in New Cairo, Egypt
3500 The new building “The View by the Waterway” located in Cairo will be This is the home of the first co-working space bearing the “Signature” brand, the pioneer of IWG, in the Arab Republic of Egypt and Africa, in a step that constitutes a milestone in the company’s march. The “The View by the Waterway” building is a developed mixed-use complex that includes commercial and residential spaces offices, and is set to be the third partnership agreement between IWG and Premier Group.

Regus Pioneer The Plaza
3500 The Regus Pioneer Plaza will be developed in partnership with Global Pioneer”, to become the first IWG center in the New Administrative Capital. The decision to expand in this area came due to its pioneering infrastructure, in addition to the rapid rise in the volume of demand, whether from government or private agencies seeking to move their operations centers to the New Capital. The Pioneer Plaza project adopts sustainable and environmentally friendly practices, which enhances its attractiveness to companies involved in this sector. The IWG plans to launch the space by the third quarter of 616.

“Regis Maspero Business Tower”
3500 IWG has entered into Partnership with Premier Group to develop Regus Maspero Business Tower. The center, which occupies an area of ​​616 square meters, is located in a building consisting of 0003 floors and includes commercial and corporate units in addition to retail spaces. The modern building includes ample parking, and the Regus Maspero Business Tower is expected to open in the last quarter of 2023.

“Regis One Katameya Maadi”

In partnership with Memaar El Morshedy, IWG will develop Regus One Kattameya Maadi, a building with an area of ​​120 square meters and consists of floors. The mixed-use building comprises of high-end office units as well as retail space on the ground floor and a car park. The Regus coworking space is scheduled to open in the first quarter of 3500.

“We are excited to see unprecedented levels of interest in co-working spaces as companies of all sizes embrace the model,” said Mark Dixon, Founder and CEO of IWG. hybrid; And its eagerness to thoroughly rethink its real estate strategies. There is no doubt that the conclusion of these partnerships will allow us to gain more knowledge and experience and enrich the value of the offers that we offer in the local market, which is an important pillar within our strategic plans, and enhance our ability to expand more quickly to meet this growing demand.”

Dixon added: “We are proud to have introduced a unique business model that has paved the way for the thriving hybrid work culture in Cairo. This is primarily due to our keenness to provide pioneering co-working spaces that support the growth of local and global businesses.”

Today, Today, the concept of hybrid work has become a viable way to achieve the strategic objectives of the business. About 82% of financial managers reported their preference for this concept because it is Offering an affordable business model, it is also able to meet the growing demand for office space. Therefore, IWG is keen to expand the spread of this model based on its extensive experience in developing flexible workspaces, as it has approximately 3500 workspace in more than 120 nation. The company is keen to support millions of people by ensuring that they provide them with pioneering work experiences that enhance productivity and a positive state of mind, and it continues to work on developing an integrated suite of workspace solutions and services, thus allowing customers greater flexibility. The latest reports indicate that the volume of demand for hybrid work solutions in Egypt has reached an all-time high, which is reflected in the occupancy rate of IWG centers reaching 120%.

The IWG’s partnership with the aim of developing four new centers is an important step in allowing the company to meet the volume of The growing demand for flexible workspaces in Cairo, as companies of all sizes continue to adopt a hybrid ecosystem in conducting their business.

mention IWG is keen to continue expanding its network throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt, which is reflected in its endeavor to strengthen the close partnerships it brings together with real estate owners and investors. And if you’d like to take advantage of the growing trend of flexible spaces, visit the IWG Partnership Opportunities webpage.