250 doctors inspect the latest Egyptian industrial lines for antibiotics inside Eva Pharma

Eva Pharma, one of the leading national companies in the pharmaceutical industry operating in more than 70 countries around the world, received a delegation of 250 senior doctors From the specialties of chest, children and general surgery.

The doctors started their visit inside the industrial complexes of Eva Pharma in Sixth City From October, with a tour that included information on the various products produced by the company, and its latest production lines of the new antibiotic, which bears the name “Cefotaxime – Eva Pharma”, and includes the active substance cefotaxime of the “third generation” cephalosporin, which is the latest locally made antibiotic. It is used in the treatment of many infectious diseases, including secondary bacterial infection associated with the emerging corona virus and its variants.

During the visit, company officials talked about the latest safety and security methods available in the factory, and what the company is doing to provide human vaccines, especially the Corona vaccine, other than veterinary vaccines.

Dr. Muhammad Al-Nadi, Professor of Chest Diseases and member of the General Committee, said: Lamia, affiliated with the Ministry of Health, said that the Egyptian pharmaceutical industry witnessed a great boom during the last period thanks to what national companies, including Eva Pharma, are doing, by providing the latest drugs with high efficiency and an appropriate price for the patient.

The club commended the Eva Pharma company for providing antivirals used in the treatment of Corona and various vitamins since the beginning of the pandemic, adding: « Eva Pharma is moving step by step with global trends to treat corona, and provides different treatment protocols for the virus.

Regarding the company’s latest production lines of antibiotics, the club explained that the new drug, which includes the active substance “cefotaxime”, has increased in use in the recent period due to the Corona pandemic, as it is used in cases accompanied by bacterial infection with viral infection, adding: « It is a good thing that the manufacture of this drug is localized locally, to provide the patients need of it.”

He stressed the need to use antibiotics under medical supervision, especially that medical studies revealed that

% took the antibiotics Unnecessarily, he explained that taking antibiotics in cases of corona for some patients, and a very small percentage are those who develop a bacterial infection accompanying infection with the virus. At Ain Shams University, “Cefotaxime” is a broad-spectrum antibiotic, which is used to treat bacterial infections of the “lung, bladder, kidneys, skin and soft tissues, abdomen, and brain”, and is also used in pre-operative prophylaxis, especially with regard to colorectal surgery.

Dr. Hossam El-Esnawy, Consultant Pediatrician at Ain Shams University, expressed his happiness at the presence of an Egyptian factory with international standards, appreciating the efforts made by Eva Pharma to provide medicines with the latest international technologies, in addition to its work on manufacturing The first Egyptian vaccine for the Corona virus.

Dr. Riad Armanios, Managing Director of Eva Pharma, said that his company, which has been operating in the market for nearly a hundred years, focuses on health care for the Egyptian patient and providing local needs of various medicines, pointing out That the production lines within his company have the required credits We are proud of our products from the European Union and a number of countries around the world, which overcomes any obstacles to export, adding: What is proud of us as Egyptians, and not only Eva Pharma, is our products in Canada, and India, which are known for their high capabilities in the field of drug industry.

(He indicated that the company worked on 5 antivirals to confront the Corona pandemic, and two of them were released, namely “Remdisifer Eva Pharma”, which was provided to the local market, and the company succeeded in exporting it to countries on 3 continents around the world, as well as the drug “Avipiravir.”

Dr. Riad Armanios stated that the modern technology used in the production of the new antibiotic ensures the accuracy of the drug doses used in each package, as well as preventing any source of contamination from reaching the drug. The manufacturing process relies on several technological systems to ensure manufacturing quality, the most prominent of which is the containment of the packing area with “cRABS” technology.

The Managing Director of Eva Pharma added that the first phase of clinical studies for the Egyptian Corona vaccine “Egyfax” was launched. Work is underway to build huge manufacturing capacities for the manufacture of vaccines within the industrial complexes of Eva Pharma in 6th of October City, which will qualify the company to manufacture approximately 1.6 million doses of the vaccine per day, pointing out that “EgyFax” is considered the first vaccine manufactured by Egyptian hands.

He stressed that Eva Pharma does not only focus on providing similar preparations, but is interested in pharmaceutical innovation, adding: We have the largest drug research center in North Africa, It is the Mounir Armanios Center for Pharmaceutical Research “Mark”, and during the next month a new center focused on clinical research will be announced, which is in line with the state’s direction and the law regulating clinical medical research, whose executive regulations were issued a few days ago, regulating the conduct of such research. The privacy of his contact

Dr. George Maher, Director of Marketing at Eva Pharma, said that the company’s main principle is that health is a human right, so it is concerned with the availability of life-saving medicines, with the latest technology, and has progressed at a great pace Keeping pace with global trends in the face of the Corona pandemic.