Approving the investment budgets of the Suez, Assiut and Nasr Refining companies

Aya Hussein

Engineer Tariq Al-Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, confirmed that what An unprecedented achievement in the Egyptian refining industry in recent years, pointing out that the future vision pursued by the Petroleum Sector Development and Modernization Program since its inception in 600 to develop and implement new projects It changed the shape and performance of refineries and increased their production capacities.

This came during Al-Mulla’s presidency of the first work of the general assemblies of the sector’s oil companies. General (Suez, Assiut and Nasr Petroleum Refining) via video conference to approve the planning budgets for the next fiscal year 2023 – 2024 In the presence of Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, and Eng. Ahmed Samir, Minister of Trade and Industry.

Al-Mulla indicated that the Currently working on a number of refining projects, on top of which is the new diesel production complex in Assiut, and refinery expansions in Suez, Alexandria, and other facilities. Projects related to the refining industry, in parallel with continuing to improve performance rates, achieve safe operation, and develop work systems in order to maintain the added value of these refineries and continue to secure the supply of petroleum products

Al-Mulla stressed the importance of the development that has been achieved in the refinery work system through the Supreme Committee for Projects and linking these refineries to the control room and automated follow-up of the oil refining and manufacturing system in Egyptian refineries at the headquarters of the Egyptian General Petroleum Corporation, in addition to He pointed out that the successful projects in the field of environmental compatibility for petroleum companies in coordination with the Ministry of Environment, and that the Ministry attaches utmost importance to environmental aspects, as well as digital transformation projects and projects to improve energy efficiency through units established in various companies in the petroleum sector, as well as the expansion of flare gas recovery projects with what they achieve. From economic returns and environmental compatibility, interest in continuous and advanced training and increasing the efficiency of the human element to ensure continuous improvement in performance.

The associations witnessed the adoption of budgets new investment Assiut, Suez and Nasr Oil Refining Companies for the fiscal year 2023 / 2024, which It was reviewed by the chemist Hisham Fathi, the head of the Suez Petroleum Manufacturing Company, the chemist Majid al-Kurdi, the head of the Assiut Oil Refining Company, and engineer Mohamed Abdullah, the head of the Nasr Petroleum Company.

Al-Mulla stressed the importance that the ministry attaches to all petroleum projects, especially in the city of Suez and Upper Egypt, where the Suez and Nasr Petroleum refineries, with their long history and long history, represent a basic pillar in the provision of petroleum products in the local market, and he also pointed to the importance of the development that was carried out These refineries are in shape and performance in line with international performance standards in the refining industry, as they are major entities in the petroleum geographical areas based on serving our people in the city of Suez and Upper Egypt, praising the prominent role played by the Assiut Refinery in serving the needs of Upper Egypt for petroleum products, as well as The association witnessed Al-Mulla’s reference to the success of the local manufacturing system in the petroleum sector, led by Petrojet, in providing salt separator equipment. And installing it in refineries, which contributed to preserving assets and improving operations. He also pointed out that increasing the capacity of asphalt production through the unit located in the Suez Petroleum Refinery is one of the distinctive aspects of increasing local production of this vital product and then reducing the burdens of importing it from abroad.

2638939919733745243 Geologist Alaa Al-Batal, CEO of the Petroleum Authority and his deputies, Dr. Magdy Galal, Chairman of the Egyptian Natural Gas Holding Company (EGAS) and Dr. Hisham attended the meetings. Lotfy, Assistant Minister for Legal Affairs and Accountant Hisham Noureddine, Head of the Central Administration of the Minister’s Office and Accountant Ashraf Qutb, Undersecretary for Financial Affairs, Major General Wael El Safty, Head of the Central Administration for Petroleum Facilities Insurance, Mr. Ahmed Randi, Head of the Central Administration for Communications, and Eng. Central Auditing and Mr. Mohamed Gibran, President of the General Union of Petroleum Workers and representatives of the Ministries of Finance, Planning and Industry and the Public Business Sector Information Center.