At the launch conference of the first campaign, the organizers of the “Aleef Street” initiative: We aim to stop the killing of animals and violence against them

Fathi Al-Sayeh
400 A day spent by a group of young people To present an initiative, the first of its kind, entitled “Aleef Street”, which aims to raise awareness of animal rights from all sides, and to present the draft law on “Animal Care and Protection in Egypt” that was submitted to the Council with the signature of % of the deputies attended the launch of the initiative that was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Agriculture, Culture and Planning and the Justice Party in the presence of a large number of public figures and symbols of politics and art in Egypt, including Dr. Youssef Al-Wardani, Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports, Dr. Hussein Abaza, the international expert on the environment and religious vocalist Mahmoud Al-Tohamy, the artist Nahid Al-Sibai, the artist Safaa Jalal, the artist Dana Hamdan, the singer Mohamed Rashad, and representatives of a number of ministries and executive authorities and Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, including Al-Azhar Deputy Sheikh Mohamed Tohamy, and a number of leaders of the Justice Party in the various governorates.
The conference opened The journalist Hossam Al-Amir explained that, in conjunction with dedicating a year to civil society, it is necessary to talk about animal rights, not just human rights, which is what all religions call for and is supported by the Justice Party in an initiative Aleef Street, while the artist, Nahid El Sebaei, who was appointed as an ambassador for the campaign, expressed her happiness with this choice, because she was always looking for a way to be kind to animals and to teach children how to deal with them, and stressed the importance of raising and educating young people on animal welfare and good dealing with those creatures, Emphasizing that it will support the initiative in all ways.

On her part, Zina Essam, founder of Aleef Street campaign, and one of the The ambassadors of sustainable development at the Ministry of Planning stated that the initiative aims to stop the killing of animals and violence against them and to raise children to properly deal with their life partner, who are animals, to maintain ecological balance and contribute to achieving sustainable development, by regulating the relationship between humans and other living creatures, especially in light of violence. against animals, which has risen significantly in the recent period, as at least 853 are killed annually A thousand animals without guilt, which violates religions, humanity, and sustainable development goals.

The “Campaign Aleef Street aims to create a compassionate future for the animal and publicize the human duty towards animals, to maintain the stability of the ecosystem, and then change the prevailing view of animal cruelty, renounce violence towards animals, and encourage animal rights authorities, to activate and enhance their role by providing assistance and supervision And follow-up, in addition to encouraging the enactment of laws that deter violence against animals.”
Representative Abdel Moneim agreed with her Imam, Secretary of the Planning and Budget Committee in the House of Representatives, head of the Justice Party, and the official sponsor of the initiative, stressing that defending animals is a defense of the future of man, as animals are man’s partner on earth, declaring that a proposal for a draft law on “Animal Care and Protection in Egypt” was presented to the council in addition to the support of the authorities Officials and ministries to take the initiative, especially in light of the extinction of many animals and birds, including the eagle bird, the symbol of the flag of Egypt and other animals, which threatens the ecological balance and the future of the food chain.

“Imam” reviewed numbers about extinct animals, including, for example, that the number of animals in Egypt 1952 a species, where the total species of animals listed under the threat of extinction 153 species, and the initial total list of birds in Egypt includes a number 500 species, where the total species of birds in Egypt was Birds listed under the threat of extinction 50 species.

The Secretary of the Planning and Budget Committee in the House of Representatives went on to talk about the proposed law, explaining that it was talking about licensing and vaccination of animals, and seeking to put financial funds for this. The matter is, and the campaign seeks to create a center to serve customers and educate them about animal rights.

Dr. Youssef said Al-Wardani, Assistant Minister of Youth and Sports, said that caring for animals does not benefit the animal only, but rather the whole community. It will only be done by Supporting official institutions and public and artistic figures to create a state of awareness in the community, and this umbrella is largely provided by the Aleef Street Initiative.

In a related context, Hussein Abaza, the international consultant and expert on environmental affairs, expressed that the Aleef Street initiative is a branch of the “Be an Ambassador for Sustainable Development” initiative, and that to achieve it, we must change our dealings with others, whether humans or animals. Dr. Khaled Salem, Fatwa Coordinator at Al-Azhar International Center for Electronic Fatwa, expressed his happiness to participate in the launch of the “Alif Street” campaign to raise awareness of animal welfare, and conveyed greetings And congratulations to His Eminence the Grand Imam, Dr. Ahmed Al-Tayeb, Sheikh of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, who supports such activities that would uphold the lofty Islamic values. He added that God Almighty is higher than this value, which is the value of keeping animals, as God described animals in the Qur’an as “animals.” In reference to that blessing, as it is a blessing worthy of thanksgiving.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Mashad, one of the men of Al-Azhar, added Al-Sharif that violence against the environment and animals generates human violence against a person Human betrayal, which is what we see as an accident now, and the members of the Al-Azhar International Center for Fatwa who attended the event pointed out that all heavenly religions call for kindness to animals that God created to help man to live, without which he will not be able to continue living.

, which was confirmed by the vocalist Mahmoud Al-Tohamy, explaining that he was raised and educated by the doctrine of Imam Malik, who touched on the process of animal welfare, and the issue of the purity of dogs which he adopted that doctrine, and thanked the Al-Azhar men for their role in raising awareness in the issue of animal welfare, expressing that he had gone through a personal situation with a guard dog that he wrote about on social media, and received a strong attack, expressing the need for more awareness about that matter, and he added Religious vocalist that the Noble Qur’an and the Sunnah have indicated in many different situations the importance of animal welfare, citing a number of different impact stories related to animal welfare. Ahmed Abdel Hafeez, Head of the Animal Welfare Unit, stressed that the state is making great efforts to preserve animals and combat their killing in order to ensure the continuity of human beings. However, the campaign organization made it clear that the data on the sterilization is incorrect, because there is no evidence, and therefore these animals are poisoned and killed without evidence and there are other solutions that can be resorted to. Through individual or collective actions to limit reproduction, therefore, the idea of ​​“Aleef Street” is a deterrent against any destructive violence against the environment, humans and animals.
Abdel-Ghani Al-Jundi, a member of the Supreme Council of Culture, continued that animals have a great advantage over man and his education, as they are the first to teach him to bury the dead, and the ancient Egyptian civilization was closely associated with animals, so awareness must be spread on how to deal with Animals, and ensuring humane treatment in slaughterhouses with animals.

Then a dialogue session was held that brought together Ahmed Al-Mashad And Abdullah Salama, a member of the Al-Azhar International Center for Electronic Fatwa, and Youssef Al-Wardani, Abdel Moneim Imam, and Zina Essam, and the media session was moderated by Hossam Al-Amir. The session revolved around the importance of the animal file because it will return to the advancement of the world Society and the importance of building a person spiritually and psychologically to deal kindly with animals because violence with animals will later generate violence with humans, so attention must be paid to inculcating these human concepts in children from a young age, and the publication of inhuman scenes of slaughter on Eid al-Adha must be criminalized because it violates religion and humanity The campaign team consists of Representative Abdel Moneim Imam, Zina Essam, the campaign’s general coordinator, Muhammad Ezzat, Hussein Haridy, Ahmed Salman and Hussam Al-Arabi, and the Triumph Hotels chain and PepsiCo participated in supporting the campaign. )