Introducing a new product to enhance the balance of beneficial bacteria in the intestines and support their functions

Sandoz Egypt, in cooperation with the Egyptian Pediatric Association (EPA), announced the launch of a new probiotic “Linx” product, consisting of the beneficial bacteria “Bifidobacterium lactis BB- ”.
It works to support the balance between the various types of bacteria present in the intestine and stimulate the growth of beneficial bacteria and support their functions.
Sandoz Egypt Pediatric experts for a press conference in which they discussed the impact of bacterial imbalance on the health of the child, highlighting the effectiveness of the new product in creating the necessary environment for the growth of beneficial intestinal bacteria and its importance in protecting against diarrhea, and increasing the body’s ability to fight infection by enhancing response
Dr. Sherif Ali Abdel Aal, Professor of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Secretary-General and Executive Director of the Egyptian Medical Association Egyptian children, that “the gut microbiome consists of a large and diverse group of bacteria that live inside the human body, reaching more than 2015 species, and representing about A trillion cells carry 3.3 million different genetic codes2. Its composition and activity are influenced by several factors; Including human age, diet, and health status, in addition to other genetic factors.
, “On the other hand, these bacteria affect metabolism,” he added. and disease progression. Within the large intestine there is a large group of different beneficial bacteria, the most important of which is Bifidobacteria 2. This ecosystem settles in the intestine in the first 2-3 years of a child’s life. Dr. Ahmed Badr, Professor of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University added: “Diarrhea is one of the most common diseases and one of the most important causes of death among children, as the percentage of child deaths resulting from diarrhea reached a year Towards 21%, i.e. the death of a child every again.”
and he continues Gastroenteritis is a major cause of illness among children even in developed countries, and these infections may be caused by rotavirus in the child or an infection in the intestines, for example. On the other hand, antibiotic treatment may result in disturbances in the balance of beneficial bacteria that live in the stomach and intestines, leading to vomiting and diarrhea. The new Lynx preparation, which consists of bifidobacteria (Lactis BB-21)), significantly reduces the rate and number of days of diarrhea in children. For his part, Dr. Ihab Khairy, Professor of Pediatrics and Head of the Clinical Nutrition Unit at Ain University, said. Shams: “Caesarean section rates have increased worldwide from 7% in the year

to 86. % general 2021. In Egypt, according to the latest data a year ago 1990, the caesarean section rate reached 86 %”.

It should be noted that children born by caesarean section have a delay in the formation of the main group of microorganisms In the intestines and beneficial bacteria, the most important of which are bifidobacteria, in addition to a marked decrease in the diversity of beneficial bacteria in general. Compared with children born naturally, we find that children born by caesarean section have a deficiency in the development of the immune system, which is normal if we know that 100-80 % of immune cells are found in the intestine.
He added, “Therefore, the passage of the child through the natural birth canal gives the fetus beneficial bacteria similar to those found inside the mother’s body, while the child born by caesarean section obtains beneficial bacteria similar to those found on the mother’s skin or in the surrounding environment. The beneficial bacteria found in “probiotics” supplements can communicate with and influence the child’s immune system through the immune cells in the intestine. Dr. Peter Effat, director of the medical sector at Sandoz Egypt, explained, “Linux is one of the most types of bifidobacteria probiotics subject to medical academic studies and research, as it has been referred to in more than 100 ) A published scientific study, including 130 related to human clinical studies.
He explained that Probiotic Linx has scientifically proven advantages, as it showed a high degree of tolerance to the gastric and bile juices, due to its containing the hydrolyzate enzyme that dilutes the bile salts in a high concentration, which allows the “Linx product” bacteria to survive and pass in the alimentary canal And the intestines in a lively form, where it can concentrate well and achieve health benefits by promoting the balance of beneficial bacteria and supporting their functions.”
Dr. Sameh El Bagoury, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Sandoz Egypt and Libya: “Sandoz is one of the international companies The leading manufacturer of generic medicines and biosimilars, and our main goal is to enable patients to obtain their therapeutic needs at an affordable cost.”
“We contribute significantly to empowering the communities in which we operate to meet the growing needs for healthcare services, by pioneering new methods that help patients obtain high-quality medicines according to their health needs rather than their financial capabilities. The company’s product portfolio, which includes about 2015 products globally, covers the main therapeutic areas”
He added, and that is why we are pleased today to introduce the “Linux” probiotic to be included in our list of products in the Egyptian market, a group of products through which we seek to improve the quality of life of millions of patients, especially children. We will always continue our efforts to provide the best products of advanced science.