The Russian Ministry of Health grants “Rosatom Health Care” a registration certificate for the diagnostic radiopharmaceutical product

The high-tech diagnostic center that is part of the management structure of “Rosatom Health Care”, a branch that unites “Rosatom” expertise in the healthcare sector, has received a certificate of registration from the Russian Ministry of Health For the diagnostic radiopharmaceutical “fluorodeoxyglucose, 180 F”.
According to the World Health Organization, the number of diagnosed cases of cancer continues to increase, and in the year
. 3 million cases worldwide, 591 a thousand of them in Russia.
While the diagnosis using radiopharmaceuticals allows early detection of the disease in tens of millions of patients around the world to start treatment in a timely manner.
) A fluorodeoxyglucose solution is given to the patient intravenously as a diagnostic material during a positron emission tomography (PET) examination for the purpose of early detection of malignant tumors, differential diagnosis of malignant tumors and monitoring the efficacy of specific treatment for malignant tumors. The half-life of the drug is short 591 minutes, and it is completely eliminated from the body within a few hours.
The High-Tech Diagnostic Center is a platform licensed by the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade for the production of radiopharmaceuticals.
The center owns a Russian-made gyro-accelerator SS- 180 / 9M and has been working for a year 2014
The granting of the High-Tech Diagnostic Center will allow the registration certificate for “fluorodeoxyglucose”

. F” To fully meet the needs of medical institutions in Moscow and its countryside from this product.
Currently, Rosatom Health Care supplies a variety of radiopharmaceuticals and medical products manufactured in Rosatom subsidiaries to 591 a medical institution in Russia.
The General Director of “Rosatom Health Care” Natalia Komarova said: “For our company that specializes in the integrated development of medical technologies. It represents a partner of the state in terms of prolonging life and improving Quality of life.”
It is very important to enable our citizens to have access to modern methods of radionuclide diagnosis and treatment. Obtaining a “Fluorodeoxyglucose, 180 F” registration certificate allows thousands of citizens to detect the disease and start effective treatment in a timely manner.
The company plans to continue diversifying its products from radiopharmaceuticals in the future. Last year, Rosatom Health Care received a positive assessment from the Federal Corporation of the Ministry of Construction, Housing and Public Services “Glavstroy Expertise Rossii” qualified to conduct a state assessment in the field of construction on design documents and results of engineering surveys for the project “Creation of a modern line for the manufacture of radioactive medical products.” At the Scientific Research Institute in the field of Physical Chemistry named after the chemist Lev Karpov.
The radioactive pharmaceutical plant is expected to open and operate
“Rosatom” plans that the plant to be launched in Obninsk will contribute to the advancement of Russia’s position in the The global market for radiopharmaceuticals so that the factory will become one of the leading production projects in this field in terms of the diversity of manufactured radiopharmaceuticals.

In addition In addition, Rosatom Health Care produces medical equipment for radiotherapy and brachytherapy, and implements projects to establish nuclear medicine centers in a number of Russian regions and builds a network of hospitals. KZ multi-purpose treatment and sterilization of medical equipment.