Emad Kenawy, Head of the Importers Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Emad Kenawy: The Council is affiliated with the Presidency of the Republic and helps the ministries to take the best decision20230121

The Head of the Importers Division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, Imad Kenawy, suggested drawing up a major administrative plan, based on the institutional management of all state files.

Qinawy said in press statements today that the plan begins with the establishment of working groups for each file of the state, especially the economic file.

“The council consists of an economic group, which includes professors from universities, former ministers, and specialists in the field of banking work, current and full-time, in addition to a number One of the manufacturers and farmers.” As described by the head of the importers’ division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce, Imad Qinawy.

He added, “The council is considered subordinate to the presidency The Republic is a volunteer without charge or authority, and none of its members has the right to assume an executive position in the future, so that performance is based on independence and far from personal goals.”

He continued: “The council does not burden the general budget with any costs, and the selection is according to efficiency. A production plan to bridge the consumption deficit and increase exports, as well as the investment plan. Divided into urgent, medium and long-term, indicating that it is necessary for these quality councils to have access to all data and information, and to present to their owners any decision or procedure for discussion and approval, from any competent ministry so that it comes out without distortions and does not need amendments after its approval. “It is well known that any ministry is a minister, an executive department for the internal administration of the ministry, and advisors to the minister, all of which are subordinate to the minister And he is almost responsible for the decisions he makes, and in the end he does not find anything with him A landlord or debater, and when he comes out with a decision that he defends with scientific and practical expertise, he convinces whoever heads him in the Council of Ministers that this decision is the right solution at the right time, and therefore it is necessary to rely on these specialized qualitative councils directly affiliated with the political leadership, because their combined ability can evaluate the decision And the time for the decision is made with high professionalism, previous experiences, and good future readings.” According to the head of the importers’ division at the Cairo Chamber of Commerce.

He added: “These specific councils must set institutional plans with specific time dates, which will be adhered to regardless of the changes of the ministry or the government as a whole, so the planning work will be institutional and the minister must commit to achieving those goals, but with the path he finds appropriate, after presenting it to the specific council. And to obtain its approval, but at the same time the specific council must be in a permanent meeting, because the current stage in which time affects the outcome and perhaps the appropriate decision for today may not be appropriate for tomorrow.