Minister of Irrigation: At a cost of 11 million pounds, the construction of the Abu Ismail Valley Dam in Matrouh

Fathi Al-Sayeh

. Dr. Hani Sweilem, Minister of Water Resources and Irrigation, confirmed that the ministry will soon complete the construction of Wadi Abu Ismail Dam (Wadi Al-Shukouq) in Al-Zuhur district in Matrouh, at a cost of . ) million pounds, which is the construction of a rubble dam with a height of (6) meters, a width of (54) meters from the bottom and (5) meters from the top, Al-Zuhur in Matrouh; Pointing out that the aim of this dam is to protect the Al-Zuhur area from the dangers of torrential rains. And the minister added in a statement issued by the Ministry of Irrigation

1674242839016742428390 The Ministry is implementing many protection works Including Wadi Al-Gharafi and the establishment of (10) ground reservoirs on the tributaries of the valley in North Sinai, and work on implementing (10) ground reservoirs in central Sinai 16742428390
We intend to construct a drainage channel and an Irish crossing, and work to construct (2) artificial lakes and a steering barrier in Baa’a Valley in South Sinai 16742428390 We are working to protect the village of Al-Zafarana, and work to implement protection works for the city of Ras Ghareb in the Red Sea Governorate 16742428390 Work is also underway to protect the villages of Zawiyat al-Jedami in Minya, and Wadi Abadi in Aswan, and the process of protecting Sannour Valley in Beni Suef is nearing completion (2023 Work on the construction of protection works in the ditches of Atfih, Al-Daisimy, Al-Kuraymat, Al-Wadi and Al-Mansha in Giza, Wadi Al-Jebbo in Cairo, Wadi Al-Qasab in Sohag, Ezbat Al-Sheikh Saeed and Deir Al-Amir Tadros in Assiut