Cultural tourism investors are calling for facilitations, facilitations, and modification of banking initiatives to support the tourism sector

Fathi Al-Sayeh

Allowing the import of vehicles with previous models 3 years old to replace and renew the tourist fleet .. Finding a mechanism for security notifications that does not impede tourism movement .. And raising the efficiency of roads between Luxor and the Red Sea are the most important demands

Written by: Fathi Al-Sayeh

Ahmed Eissa, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, held a meeting with a delegation representing the Egyptian Cultural Tourism Investors Association participating in the Egyptian Pavilion, on the sidelines of the session The 43 of the Tourism Fitour Exhibition and Stock Exchange in the Spanish capital, Madrid.

Discussion of the meeting, which was attended by Mohamed Al-Hassanin, President of the Association, and each of Ihab Abdel-Al, Mohamed Othman, and Hisham Idris , Muhammad Fathi Abu Shanab, and Tamer Ayoub, members of the Board of Directors, discuss ways to support and promote the cultural tourism product in Egypt and push more incoming tourism to it, and overcome the challenges and problems facing cultural tourism at the level of Egypt, specifically southern Upper Egypt, which is considered a destination for this pattern due to what it embraces. The south has unique antiquities and tourism potential.

The members of the association’s board of directors confirmed, in the meeting, that Luxor and Aswan are witnessing a tourist season this year. Unprecedented, and a great boom in cultural tourism, and I expected that the percentage of occupancy in fixed and floating hotels would reach more than 90% during the current winter season.

The Minister of Tourism and Antiquities listened to The challenges, which are considered problems presented by the members of the board of directors of the Egyptian Cultural Tourism Investors Association, include imposing exaggerated fees from “irrigation, anchors and locks” on hotel owners and companies to renew licenses, and whoever refuses to pay these costs is prevented from renewing, in contrast to what is imposed by the Food Safety Authority. Exaggerated.

Investors called for raising the efficiency of some roads between Luxor and the Red Sea and opening new roads, which will contribute to reducing travel hours, which will encourage tourists to make a one-day trip between the two governorates,

(They also called for organizing festivals, conferences, and tourism events more in Luxor Governorate, which will contribute to achieving greater propaganda for cultural tourism in the governorates of Upper Egypt, and work on marketing cultural tourism as an independent pattern, especially in the markets that love this tourism in the regions of Europe and Latin America.

The association emphasized in its demands the necessity and importance of opening pain Worship at night, especially during the summer period, to counter the high temperatures, and offer discounts of 50% on the full ticket prices for foreign visitors to encourage tourists to visit places in museums and archaeological sites in Upper Egypt, during the summer season (July, August and September). 2023)

The association’s demands included an appeal to the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities – through his banking and financial experience – to coordinate with the Minister of Finance, Dr. Muhammad Maait, to amend the mechanism of the state support initiative for the sector Tourism, for which the Ministry of Finance allocated 3 billion pounds, allowing the largest number of tourism companies and establishments to benefit from it, by easing the requirements for financing, overcoming all possible obstacles to advance its work, and providing the necessary support to relieve the burden of this important sector.

As well as coordination with the Minister of Industry and Trade, Engineer Ahmed Samir, and the Minister of Finance, to allow the import of used tourist buses with modern models that do not exceed 3 years prior to the date of the current year, in order to keep pace with the large tourist flows coming from abroad and to match the ambitious state plan to receive 30 Million A tourist and achieving 50 one billion dollars.

The association called for the necessity of seeking with the security authorities to find a mechanism for notifying tourism companies in a way that ensures achieving a balance between security measures to preserve

For his part, Ahmed Issa, Minister of Tourism and Antiquities, asked representatives of the association to prepare a detailed memorandum of these demands to be presented to the ministries of mutual interest in order to discuss overcoming these obstacles and obstacles. He explained that all their requests and proposals will be studied and the possibility of implementing them will be discussed. pillars of the national economy; Pointing out that Egypt is working on launching an ambitious strategy for tourism that will contribute to strengthening the regulatory and monitoring role in support of encouraging international partnerships, constructive cooperation between the public and private sectors, and strengthening procedures and facilities that support competitiveness in a way that contributes to raising the quality of service provided to tourists and providing a distinguished experience during Visiting Egypt and achieving sustainable tourism development.