The Minister of Trade and Industry is discussing with German Dusseldorf exhibitions ways to enhance joint cooperation between the two sides

Fathi Al-Sayeh 2023012220230122 Soon to sign a cooperation protocol with the Authority to exchange information and experiences in the field of organizing joint exhibitions 2023

Eng. Ahmed Samir, Minister of Trade and Industry, held a meeting with Mr. Bernd Jablonowski, member of the Board of Directors of the German Dusseldorf Exhibitions Authority, to discuss ways to enhance cooperation between the Ministry and the Authority during the next stage. The meeting was attended by Mr. Jan Noter, Executive Director of the Arab-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Minister Commercial Commissioner/ Yehia El-Wathiq Billah, Head of the Commercial Representation Authority, and Mrs./ Mai Asal, Head of the Egyptian General Organization for Exhibitions and Conferences 2023 The minister said that the meeting reviewed ways to benefit from the great German expertise in the field of organizing exhibitions to develop the exhibition system in Egypt, pointing to Egypt’s desire to be a hub for the exhibitions that the authority holds in the continent of Africa. .

Samir explained that preparations are underway to sign a protocol to set frameworks for future cooperation between the Egyptian General Authority for Exhibitions and Conferences and the German Dusseldorf Exhibition Authority. Regarding the exchange of information and experiences in the field of organizing joint exhibitions, referring in this context to the great success achieved by the Food Africa and Back Process exhibitions in Egypt, which the Authority participated in organizing, which reflects its interest in the promising Egyptian market in the international exhibitions sector

For his part, Mr. Bernd Jablonowski, a member of the Board of Directors of the German Dusseldorf Exhibition Authority, explained that the authority is keen to strengthen its presence in the Egyptian market as a major window The authority is interested in the markets of the Middle East and the continent of Africa by organizing many events and joint exhibitions, pointing out the authority’s keenness to encourage the German investor to pump investments in the Egyptian market by participating in the exhibitions held on the land of Egypt.