The role of the Export Development Bank of Egypt in social life and sustainable development

ميرفت سلطان Mervat Sultan

Mrs. Merqat Sultan, President of the Export Development Bank of Egypt, confirmed that

Our bank attaches special importance to community participation and contribute to the development of the Egyptian society, as it is one of the axes of our strategies launched by the bank and continues from 2022-2027 This comes by allocating a percentage of the bank’s profits each year To develop the health and education sectors in particular. This is in addition to the development of social responsibility to sustainable development represented in the three important axes, namely, the environment, society and governance. The Bank’s Sustainability Officer has been identified to start establishing a complete department for these activities and setting their own policies, as well as sustainable financing in order to achieve the Bank’s goals that are in line with the country’s 2030 strategy.

From another perspective and to participate in the growth of society, our bank organizes a large number of seminars on financial education and non-financial services through the departments of financial inclusion, Nile pioneers and export promotion.