Its activities were concluded yesterday, with 400 local and foreign investors reviewing joint investment opportunities during the “GASB” conference.

Eman El-Wasly

Participants in the international “GASB” conference: great opportunities to launch sustainable investment alliances and partnerships in the Egyptian market

“Modern Group” signs cooperation protocols with “ Novokhem and Ain Shams University for the Development of Marble Industry

More than 400 local and foreign investors reviewed opportunities for economic cooperation and joint investment in the Egyptian market in the fields of industry, trade, export, technology and other sectors.

During their participation in the activities of the Global Alliance for Sustainability of Business (GASB) conference, they emphasized the existence of great investment opportunities in various and varied fields in the Egyptian market, and they must be optimally exploited through the implementation of investment partnerships and sustainable alliances through good planning, and in cooperation with all parties The system, headed by governments and investors side by side.

The activities of the conference started from 19 to 21 this January, organized by the company Venture to organize exhibitions and conferences, in the presence of official delegations and foreign business organizations from about 29 Arab and foreign countries.

Dr. Khaled Habib, development consultant, explained The importance of supporting projects of all sizes and their various activities and providing all the necessary facilities for the development of their business

At the same time, Habib emphasized the importance of companies developing themselves and their performance, as well as the need to qualify and prepare these entities to export to foreign markets by providing certificates and credits

Habib referred to the role played by the commercial representation offices in the various markets to provide export opportunities for Egyptian companies, and to identify the needs of those markets for the necessary products.

Engineer Amr El-Batereq, CEO of Orascom Industrial Estates, stressed the importance of the agricultural and industrial sectors in economic development, stressing the existence of great opportunities in these two fields in the local market

and explained the necessity of working to localize the industry to meet the needs of the local market Instead of relying on imports to help provide foreign currency.

He stressed the importance of achieving industrial integration in the Egyptian market between large and small entities, as well as the importance of having the necessary legislation to facilitate investment operations. They emphasized the existence of great opportunities for investment in the Egyptian market in various sectors.

For his part, Dr. Ibrahim Hegazy, Professor of Marketing and Head of the Academic Marketing Unit, The American University in Cairo, stressed the importance of sustainability and focusing on the target countries to increase Egyptian exports to foreign markets, pointing out He pointed out that it is necessary to study these markets and know their requirements to help Egyptian products penetrate them. )

Ramez Gerges, CEO of Modern Marble and Granite, stressed the importance of investors thinking about alternative solutions, and working to enter into long-term strategic partnerships at the level of ideas, financing, science and knowledge transfer.

He explained that Business sustainability is very important during the current time, stressing the need to create sustainable strategic partnerships in terms of continuity as well as in terms of environmentally compatible products.

Gerges said that his company succeeded during the last period in cooperation with some local suppliers in reaching production of some raw materials Chemical materials that were imported from abroad, and indeed they were relied upon in manufacturing as well as some of them were exported, which contributed to saving hard currency as well as bringing it through export.

Gerges also confirmed Modern Marble’s ability to benefit from youth and students Through cooperation with universities to train them, a device was devised to detect products and reduce waste, as well as using them in recycling waste. Technology and attracting more foreign investments to the Egyptian market.

He explained that the political leadership is constantly directing the need to work to attract investments and localize technology, as well as setting incentives for investors and the private sector

and praised in I spoke to him about the decision of Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to issue a golden license to investors to encourage the private sector to expedite the implementation of projects, pointing out that the government is working to remove all obstacles in front of projects and has issued decisions to stimulate the industry and continues its efforts to create an investment climate.

He said we are waiting to come to death It bears fruit in establishing partnerships to transfer and localize various industries

Yousry El-Sharkawy, head of the Egyptian-African Businessmen Association, stressed that it is necessary to work to be present in the depths of Africa, and to expand the signing of strategic partnerships with the investors of those countries.

He indicated that we can export strongly to the African market, saying that Egypt needs the cooperation and integration of the private sector, especially in light of our possession of many elements that characterize Egypt.

The conference witnessed the signing of Cooperation protocols, including the signing of a protocol between the Modern Marble Company for Marble and Granite and the Faculty of Engineering at Ain Shams University. Specialized in this field, designing and implementing an advanced camera, which works on photographing the marble slab passing along the traffic belt, which contributes to discovering defects in the marble and reducing the waste.

The protocol was signed by Atef Gamal, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of Modern Marble. And Dr. Ahmed Al-Sabbagh, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering for Environmental Affairs and Community Service, Ain Shams University.

Dr Tor Ahmed Al-Sabbagh, Vice Dean of the Faculty of Engineering for Environmental Affairs and Community Service at Ain Shams University and Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education for Technical and Technological Education.

A cooperation protocol was also signed between Modern Construction and Novochem Company,

To develop the marble industry, where the treated, developed, and safe chemicals manufactured in the Novokem factory are used to develop the marble and granite industry, in order to reach the highest rate of development with international specifications, in Egypt

The protocol was signed by Sameh Hamdy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Modern Construction Company and Hussein Ahmed Hussein, Executive Director of Novochem.