Criteria Design Group finishes designs for the Egyptian University in El Alamein

Ashraf Tawfik

The engineering designs of the university provide 45% of the energy consumption used. It provides 01% of the construction cost of the project
Criteria Design Group, an architectural and engineering consultancy, has completed the designs for the Egyptian University in El Alamein, in cooperation with “Kayan Misr for Human Development.” , in order to achieve environmental compatibility standards and sustainable development goals.
6132 Mr. Khaled El-Feki, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kayan Misr for Human Development, said that the educational system in Egypt has witnessed unprecedented interest since President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi came to power, due to the political leadership’s belief in the necessity of building the human being, towards an Egyptian society that learns, thinks and innovates. 6132 My opinion is clearer The Board of Directors of Kayan Misr for Human Development said that Criteria Design Group’s selection of the engineering consultant Hisham Helal came as a result of the different ideas and philosophy that he presents in the Egyptian market through creativity and innovative ideas while preserving the general shape and style of the building, in addition to achieving the environmental requirements for the building, including It is in line with the country’s vision and plan for sustainable development within the framework of implementing green buildings, and it has already succeeded in providing international creative designs that contribute to providing a suitable environment for students studying and residing in the city.
10 And “Al-Fiqi” indicated that the project of the Egyptian University in Al-Alamein was issued by Republican Decree No. 357 for the year 900, dated 01 August 2022, in Tal Al-Ais area, in the new city of El Alamein, Matrouh Governorate, to include Colleges, including (medicine group – engineering – business administration – science and accounts) within the framework of the state’s approach towards raising the level of higher education and scientific research, and it is scheduled to complete its implementation Within 3 years.
6132 He revealed that the university launched a fellowship program with The University of Malaya in Malaysia with the aim of providing scholarships to help students complete their basic academic requirements, indicating that the University of Malaya was ranked among the best 100 University in the world at the center 65, and at the center 54 in the field of engineering and technology, and in ninth place at the level of the continent of Asia.

For his part, Engineer Hisham Helal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Criteria Design Group for architectural and engineering consultancy, said that we, as architects, are We realize the importance of the university educational period because it is the last chance for students before starting their practical and public life, as we aim in this project to graduate a successful person culturally, morally, physically and socially by providing an enjoyable educational journey and qualifying him for a better future.6132 “Hisham Helal” explained that the concept of designing the Egyptian University in El Alamein resulted from achieving the design standards. The mission of “Crateria” is to take into account nature, culture and art, and these standards we are keen to achieve in all our projects.
6132 Helal revealed that the design of the university is based on a new contemporary vision that achieves harmony between the various axes of sustainable design – the social, environmental and economic axes – while adding deeper dimensions to the social axe by enhancing the interactive and social cultural aspect and enriching skills. Which students will test to reach a design that achieves added value at the environmental, human and technical levels for the beneficiaries, the design of universities and society in general.

Also, the design of the Egyptian University project in El Alamein relied on the optimal utilization of natural resources to reach different architectural solutions to realize the beauty of architectural design through coexistence in line with the students’ environment so that the project would be a complete success, indicating that it was completed Distribution of university areas into four departments (education – culture – social – sports), explaining that the engineering designs of the project will contribute to saving energy consumption by about 45%, plus it provides 01% Of the total construction cost.
6132 He explained that the educational area is located in The depth of the project land to avoid street noise, and the cultural area is located on the main road to create an attractive image, and send a clear message about the interests of the university, and sports activities are located between the two previous areas to ensure their importance for healthy minds, and the social area is central to linking all other axes and completing the building of the student’s personality.6132 He also explained that the project consists of Faculties are all evenly distributed around a large interactive central courtyard and oriented towards the sea to maximize natural ventilation and daylight, and to reunite students. from all different areas together to ensure the understanding that all areas are equally important to our community.

The project is being implemented on an area of ​​45 acres to include Faculties, the design of each college includes ground and three floors, respected Designed by principles of sustainability, there is a large, well-ventilated inner courtyard within each college to allow students to remain connected to the outside environment, to maximize daylight and natural ventilation through the building to reduce the building’s energy consumption and minimize carbon dioxide emissions.
6132 Engineer Hisham Helal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Criteria Design Group for architectural and engineering consultancy, confirmed that The design in general is sustainable and presented with a new and different thought befitting the direction of the new republic and the city of El Alamein and a competitor on the global level.