The “Talaat Harb” savings certificate is back

Egypt Bank

Iman Al-Wasili and Fathi Al-Sayeh

Today, Banque Misr reissued the new savings pot certificate “Talaat Harb” is a savings certificate that enjoys a fixed rate of return for the duration of the certificate’s retention period. The return on the annual certificate is 18%, reaching The duration of the certificate is one year, and the return is paid monthly. The period is calculated from the working day following the purchase. The categories of the certificate start from pounds and its multiples and are issued to natural individuals or the palace. It is also possible to borrow against the guarantee of the certificate, in addition to the possibility of issuing credit cards with its guarantee. The certificate can be redeemed after 6 months have passed, starting from the working day following the date of purchase (issuance date). The certificates can be purchased from any of the bank’s branches, which number up to more than a branch and a widespread banking unit All over the Republic, and this comes within the framework of the bank’s constant keenness to satisfy its customers, meet their desires and needs, and work on the permanent development of its existing savings vessels and the development of everything that is new and compatible with these needs.