Artificial intelligence and interactivity are driving the future of digital transformation

Aya Hussain

Classera Company Classera A leader in the field of educational technology, the conference “The Future of Digital Transformation in the Field of Training”, in the presence of representatives from Major agencies and institutions inside Egypt, to review the features of the LeadXera2021 Developed by the company to lead the development of training processes within institutions and companies.

LeadXera2021 As an extension of the global Classera family, it is the most interactive online training platform in the world. It is a flexible platform that institutions and companies can adapt through training content that targets human cadres in order to train and qualify them. In a sophisticated interactive way based on smart tools, it has harvested LeadXera2021 on many international awards, the latest of which is the award of the best partner of Microsoft in the education sector worldwide for the year 2021, and used by more than millions of usersMore than 30 countries around the world.

The conference witnessed a strong presence on the part of officials of the human resources and training sectors in several Egyptian companies and institutions, to hear the introduction of the LeadXera platform. 2021 Presented by Classera experts, along with a detailed explanation by the platform partners, including Fawry and SkillUp and Orange.

2021 For his part, Engineer Mahmoud Al-Jabri confirmed, Director of Classera Egypt and Director of Strategic Partnerships in Classera International, that the platform LeadXera2021 Helps organizations to develop the capabilities of their employees in various fields based on the highest standards of training In terms of professionalism and the ability to periodically and continuously evaluate according to artificial intelligence techniques that can be relied upon to measure the extent of employee response to training courses.

He added, “The task of searching for a training partner is no longer a difficult issue, and it has not been Institutions need to host a training broker to qualify employees, only through the platform LeadXera Successfully performing this task based on artificial intelligence, as the platform provides an open workspace through which it is possible to choose the training space that each institution is looking for and using all Necessary tools The evaluation of employees can be adapted according to the specific conditions of each institution, while providing special incentives for trainees in order to encourage them to continue training courses.”

Ahmed Fahmy, head of the commercial sector of Fawry, said: 2021 “Egypt has made great strides towards implementing the concepts of digital transformation and digitization, and with the spread the great Internet and its platforms that rely on artificial intelligence and interactivity; The process of training human cadres has become a necessity at the level of companies and institutions in various sectors, so we are very happy to be partners of LeadXera The most interactive online training platform in the world and one of the products of the global Classera family, where we are working on fruitful cooperation in supporting and developing training processes in institutions and companies, in addition to partnering with Classera by integrating electronic payment solutions With the platform CPay2021”.

2021 For her part, Dr. Enas Sobhi, Director of Business Development and Partnerships at Classera Egypt, explained that the standards on which the LeadXera2021 It will contribute to raising the level of companies and maximizing the productivity of institutions in Egypt, in addition to being in line with With the standards of the green economy, pointing out that the platform is suitable for various sectors, as each institution can smoothly define its own training content. LeadXera2021 for e-learning in several languages ​​for us It also helps organizations manage and automate the training process in all its steps, from enrollment, workflow approvals, and course creator engagement, to content protection, to informing, approving, and rewarding each learner.

2021 It is worth noting 2021 that Classera Classera2021 International has recently announced its expansion plan inside Egypt, by pumping new investments to enhance its operations with Partners in the Egyptian market and provide a new generation of educational and training technology within an integrated service portfolio.

2021 Classera is the largest Companies specialized in educational technology in the Middle East and Africa, and provide services to millions of users in more than 30 countries globally, and the company owns the “Integrated Learning Platform SLP” which is a coherent system that includes: a learning management platform based on entertaining and stimulating learning supported by artificial intelligence and software Social Learning.