Hyundai Motor wins five awards from Good Design

Aih Hussain

Hyundai Motor Wins Good Design Awards for SEVEN Ship Concept Car, Experimental Drone, Cargo and Driving Robot and Unconventional Mobile Robot

5 Awards Good Design Awards for Mobility and Robotics

Recognizing Hyundai Motor design excellence across a variety of mobility solutions

Mobility reflects Hyundai Motor Company today announced that its SEVEN concept car and test drone have won GOOD DESIGN Awards 2023 in the Mobility category, while the PnD Mobility Charge and Go Technology, the PnD L7, and the non-traditional mobile robot MobED took home awards in the Robotics category.

Said SangYup Lee, Executive Vice President and President Hyundai Global Design Center: “Hyundai Design strives to create strong bonds between our customers and our mobility solutions.” He added, “The awards underscore how we can add more value to our customers’ everyday lives.” Clear and out of the car space. Our design dream team and engineers put their passion and heart into these projects to bring our dreams closer to reality.”

After a concept car 45 in 2019 and the Prophecy concept car in 2020, the SEVEN concept car opens a new chapter for the all-electric IONIQ brand when it is revealed in 2021. It is also a perfect example of how the IONIQ can transform its aerospace innovations and healthy SUV attributes into an innovative living space on wheels, demonstrating Hyundai’s prioritization of its customers over automotive tradition.

Airplanes are The test march is a hydrogen-powered container transport system capable of operating fully autonomously through its dual e-Bogie hydrogen fuel cell configuration, allowing unprecedented maneuverability through lateral movement in an almost train-like arrangement.

(Hyundai Motor was also recognized for its design excellence in the robotics sector by winning three awards in the Robotics category.

Emerging technologies such as AI and autonomous driving are blurring the boundaries between cars and robots. PnD (Plug & Drive) charging and driving robots have also been developed under the slogan “Expanding Human Access” to realize the vision of unlimited freedom in mobility. The PnD robotic unit combines intelligent steering, braking, electric in-wheel propulsion, and suspension devices that can be scaled up or down, for any purpose, size, or application.

The PnD L7 cargo and drive robot is also an existing mobility solution future pioneering robots. It is distinguished from other ground vehicles in terms of easier operation using the joystick and a smoother, freer and more efficient driving experience. The PnD L7 robot requires little space to move around and line up, making it suitable for urban applications. In addition, its design is inspired by the first LRV lunar rover, a four-wheeled, battery-powered lunar rover used on the US Apollo missions. Just as the LRV broadens the scope of human exploration, the PnD L7 expands the scope of human mobility.

The MobED unconventional mobile robot is a new, compact mobile platform consisting of four Drive & Lift (DnL) units, which combine Drive, steering, stop and brake control systems in a single chassis. MobED’s simple mobile robot unconventional design underscores its unique mechanism. Pixel illumination on all sides of its body communicates MobED’s unconventional mobile robot position, including its driving direction.

The award-winning products underscore Hyundai’s transformation from an automaker to an intelligent mobility solution provider, in line with The company’s vision of Progress for Humanity.

Celebrating its 45 anniversary, the Good Design Awards program is one of the most prestigious design competitions in the world. Each year, the program selects a list of the best product designs and graphics that have set new directions for innovation and pushed the envelope for competitive products in the global marketplace. For more information about the Good Design Awards, please visit the official website: