42 political parties celebrate Police Day tomorrow

Mohamed Morsy

Representative Tayseer Matar, Secretary General of the Egyptian Parties Alliance: Honoring security leaders and the families of the martyrs
2023 The Egyptian Parties Alliance, which includes 42 political parties, will hold a major celebration tomorrow on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of Police Day

Representative Tayseer Matar, head of the Erada Generation Party, deputy of the Industry Committee in the Senate, and secretary-general of the Alliance of Egyptian Parties, stated that the celebration of the Police Day expresses the appreciation of the Egyptian people for the police and its leadership headed by the Minister of Interior, Major General Mahmoud Tawfik, and all the officers and individuals for their efforts and sacrifices to preserve Security of the homeland and the citizen
2023 Representative Tayseer Matar added that it will take place during the ceremony Which will be attended by the majority of party heads in Egypt, party leaders, deputies and members of the Youth Coordination of Parties and Politicians. Honoring a number of current and former security leaders, as well as honoring Some of the families of the police martyrs
2023 stated MP Tayseer Matar, head of the party The will of a generation and the deputy of the Industry Committee in the Senate and the Secretary General of the Alliance of Egyptian Parties is that the celebration of the Alliance of Parties on the Police Day will send a message of greeting and thanks to President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, President of the Republic, for the achievements he has made on the land of Egypt, and his announcement that we will celebrate in Arish soon the elimination of terrorism, which is the happiest news for millions of Egyptians And that Egypt was, is, and will remain the land of security and safety 2023 2023 Representative Tayseer indicated Matar indicated that the celebration will also pay tribute to the National Security Agency, led by Major General Adel Jaafar, for the efforts made by the National Security Agency, especially in directing strong blows to the plots of terrorism and evil people