With modern, environmentally friendly technologies: Sony unveils its new range of BRAVIA XR TVs for the best viewing experience

Iman Al-Wasili

Takakyo Fujita: We are committed to the standards of sustainability and preservation of the environment from the development process to the viewing experience

Cairo, 2022 February 2022 Sony Electronics introduced new versions of the BRAVIA XR TV, with the latest environmentally friendly capabilities to provide the user with a unique viewing experience, and this set includes the MASTER Series Z9K 8K and X95K 4K Mini LED, MASTER Series. A140K, A80K 4K OLED and X90K 4K LED.

BRAVIA XR TVs are powered by the Cognitive Processor XR™, which brings picture and sound to a high level with lifelike realism and vivid natural colors, and allows XR Backlight Master Drive technology to precisely control the latest generation Mini backlight The LEDs on the Z9K and X95K models deliver amazingly bright lighting, beautiful natural colors without interference or distortion of bright elements, and a signature deep black.

Processor™ supports Cognitive Processor XR The new OLED (QD-OLED) chip in A95 K TV with XR Triluminos Max, which delivers a variety of natural shades and colors with millions of individual pixels for self-illuminating experience An all-new viewing experience, viewers can also experience Acoustic Surface Audio™+ technology in OLED, Acoustic Multi-Audio™ and LED, which matches the position of sound with images on the screen for a true audio-visual viewing experience.

said Takakio Fujita , CEO of Sony Middle East and Africa: “Son is keen Always focused on providing the best viewing experience, whether in terms of home entertainment or content selection, new Sony TVs also improve on-screen streaming or gaming to create a large screen viewing experience with best-in-class picture and sound quality.”

He stressed that Sony is “committed to applying sustainability standards and preserving the environment, from the development process to the viewing experience, especially with the increasing demand for televisions, which in turn has led to an increased risk of running out of resources and energy.” Sony’s “Road to Zero” plan aims to achieve zero environmental impact throughout the life of its products and activities by the year 2050 televisions are produced through 2022 from recycled plastic using Sony technology Developed SORPLAS™.

He noted that through SORPLAS™, Sony has succeeded in increasing the use of recycled materials without compromising the design and durability, and decreasing 60% From the use of primary plastic equivalent to about 140, 000, 000 CD In addition, BRAVIA CAM has technology to dim the screen and save power when there are no viewers. He added that this year, Sony will introduce the newly developed original camera, BRAVIA CAM, which can recognize users’ sitting position and improve the image and sound accordingly, and also includes gesture control, video chat and many new fun experiences that can be discovered.

BRAVIA XR TVs offer new features that increase viewing pleasure and home entertainment whether they are used for gaming or watching movies. In addition to supporting the Google TV system, BRAVIA XR TVs and many built-in video streaming applications Chromecast and Google Assistant, they also support the new Netflix Adaptive Calibrated Mode Which ensures the quality and level of content in all lighting conditions with accurate color, correct contrast, and true movement, depending on the ambient light whether content is displayed in dark or light conditions, and the new BRAVIA CORE Calibrated Mode will automatically adjust the image quality on the screen to better match the vision of the maker ORIGINAL VIDEO.

Perfect for PlayStation®5, BRAVIA XR TVs are perfect for PlayStation®5, which includes two PS® exclusive features. 5 – Auto HDR Tone Mapping and Auto Genre Picture mode where the image can be automatically adjusted and optimized to reach the optimal settings for PlayStation®5, making users feel as if they are in the center of the action Sony TVs provide smooth and clear response to movement during gameplay in 4K resolution and rate 120 fps.