Approval of the planning budget for Misr and Co-operation Petroleum companies

Aya Hussein

Eng. Tariq Al-Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, emphasized that The development witnessed by companies distributing and trading petroleum products achieves a number of important advantages, namely providing distinguished services that the Egyptian market deserves by providing high-quality products, and investing its capabilities and capabilities in supporting its share in the Egyptian market and increasing its export share, especially in the African continent, which brings together links in Egypt. And deep relations and an extended history of strong partnership, pointing to the importance of observing pricing policies in export markets in light of the strong competition in these markets that are witnessing continuous growth. And navigation and commerce. /2024 for both evil Kittin, which were presented by Engineer Ayman Naguib, President of the Cooperation Petroleum Company, and Engineer Mohamed Maged, President of Misr Petroleum Company, via video conference technology, in the presence of Major General Hisham Amna, Minister of Local Development, that the programs implemented by the petroleum sector in all its companies, whether modernizing entities and equipment, digital transformation, and improving consumption efficiency. And other development and modernization programs will increase the competitiveness of companies and increase the flexibility of their performance, indicating that the recent stability in the local market in providing all petroleum needs has given the petroleum sector and its companies a strong opportunity to modernize and expand its entities in improving and developing the services provided in the market, as well as interest in digital transformation and connectivity projects. , rationalizing and improving the efficiency of energy consumption, environmental compatibility projects, training and refining the expertise of workers. The developmental and distinguished form that fuel supply stations, distribution outlets and services for chemical products have become, the expansion it has achieved in export markets, and its efforts in implementing expansion plans in integrated supply stations in the region. New cities, especially El Alamein and the New Administrative Capital, stressing the importance of speeding up the implementation of these stations. The minister stressed the importance of what it is doing in exploiting its capabilities, pointing to the development of its partnership with Malaysian Petronas in the field of offering new oils in the local market by exploiting the great capabilities of its oil mixing plant. He also praised the integrated services it provides in the field of aircraft catering at all Egyptian airports. Directed to take into account the continuous development and modernization of its equipment used in this context, in order to achieve its continuity with distinction in the competition in this field, and pointed out that this is one of the points of excellence of Egypt Petroleum and its preservation comes from continuous follow-up to the requirements of this vital market, especially since Egypt’s airports represent important linking points in Air Transport Market.

The meetings of the associations were attended by Geologist Alaa Al-Batal, CEO of the Petroleum Authority and his deputies, and Dr. Magdy Galal, Chairman of the Egyptian Holding Company. Natural Gas Authority (EGAS) and Dr. Hisham Lotfy, Assistant Minister for Legal Affairs and Accountant Hisham Noureddine Ray The central administration of the minister’s office and accountant Ashraf Qutb, Undersecretary for Financial Affairs, Major General Magdy Abbas, head of the central administration for security, Mr. Ahmed Randi, head of the Central Administration for Communications, and Eng. Ministries of Finance, Planning, Industry and the Public Business Sector Information Center.