Honoring the winning teachers in the first phase of the Mohamed bin Zayed Award for Best Teacher competition

Aya Hussain

Generosity of Dr. Reda Hegazy, Minister of Education and Technical Education, the winning teachers in the first phase of the Mohammed bin Zayed Award for Best Teacher competition, in the presence of Dr. Hamad Al Darmaki, Secretary General of the award.

8384005953002567303 The winning teachers are: Mr. Rabih Abdel Wahhab Rabie, Mrs. Ahmed Mohamed Mabrouk, and Mrs. Khadija Jumaa Abdel Muti Mohamed.

Dr. Reda Hegazy congratulated the winning teachers, Saying that the teacher is the owner of an idea and a message that he seeks to achieve in order to serve the advancement of his country, and there is no dispute that the teacher is the lifeblood of the educational process and the driving force for learning.

8384005953002567303 The minister added that the method followed by the teacher and the extent of his knowledge of teaching methods is considered one of the most important elements that attract the student to excel and excel in the school. He works with his students fairly, instilling positive expectations and planning A good teacher makes a good teacher.

Dr. Reda Hegazy emphasized the strong relationship between Egypt and the UAE, and cooperation in several fields, including pre-university education, praising the Mohamed bin Zayed Award for Best Teacher competition in spreading the culture of excellence locally and internationally, and its role in supporting and encouraging creativity and innovation in education. Education and its contribution to attracting and disseminating successful international practices.

Dr. Hamad Al Darmaki, Secretary General of the Award, confirmed that the award comes within the framework of the wise leadership’s belief in the pivotal role of the teacher, and the current session is witnessing the participation of a large number of countries, indicating that the value and status of the award in terms of knowledge was reflected positively in the remarkable increase in the number of participations from teachers. In addition to achieving an additional gain, which is the participation of other Arab countries.

Dr. Reda Hegazy presented the Ministry’s shield to the Secretary General of the award, and Dr. Hamad Al Darmaki presented the award’s shield to the Minister.

The meeting was attended by Dr. Shereen Hamad The Minister’s Adviser for Administrative Development and Supervisor of the Central Administration for the Affairs of the Minister’s Office, Mohamed Sharif, the Award’s Coordinator in Egypt, Ms. Alia Al-Mahrezi, the Award’s Coordinator from the United Arab Emirates, and Ms. Zainab Al-Hammadi, the Award’s Coordinator.