The Information Center of the Council of Ministers launches the first virtual version of its research publications within the world of “Metaverse”

Aya Hussain

Launched the Information Center And to support decision-making in the Council of Ministers, a virtual version of its annual publication “Egypt in the Eyes of the World,” based on “Metaverse” technologies, coinciding with the launch of the fifth version of the publication, which monitored the development of Egypt’s performance in a number of development fields during the year 2022, based on the indicators and reports of 60 an international and regional institution.

The new virtual version allows access to the contents of the “Egypt in the Eyes of the World” edition, by conducting a virtual tour inside an exhibition that includes the most prominent pages of the issue The new, allowing the center’s knowledge and research services to the pioneers of the virtual world “Metaverse”, for the first time.

6927146319044365501 The virtual version also allows The new version of “Egypt in the Eyes of the World” is an interactive review of all the contents of the publication, which allows sending suggestions and inquiries by sending comments, as well as measuring reactions and volume Responses to the content published in the publication, by pressing the like button, etc., in addition to inviting others to participate in that virtual tour between the pages of the publication.

6927146319044365501These modern technologies help expand the base of target groups from launching the center’s publications, through the use of artificial intelligence, which provides an innovative communication channel that allows interaction with the public What is new within the world of “Metaverse” and addressing its concerns and issues in an attractive interactive manner that suits the language of the times, in addition to keeping abreast of the successive technological developments in digital publishing and the use of various technological tools to present data and statistics in an innovative way.


The launch of the virtual version of “Egypt in the Eyes of the World” is in line with the “Information Center” orientation towards Adopting the uses of artificial intelligence in decision support and providing information and data for public opinion, the latest of which was the center’s conducting pioneering experiments using artificial intelligence technology in writing a number of reports and analyzes, in addition to using artificial intelligence methods in implementing the “Paintings” project Informatics”, which puts the decision-maker at a distance of “one click” that opens interactive windows in front of him, to review Egypt’s economic indicators in all sectors of development, thus providing quick access to the latest updated data necessary for making various decisions.

It is mentioned that “Egypt in the Eyes of the World Edition 2022” is divided into 4 main axes, namely: the economic axis, which focuses on the resilience and ability of the Egyptian economy in facing successive crises, and the axis of digital transformation and entrepreneurship, which highlights transformation efforts The digital and the future of emerging companies in Egypt, the social axis, which focuses on human and societal development efforts, Egypt’s role at the international level, and the environmental axis, which focuses on Egypt’s efforts to combat climate change in light of its hosting of the Cop Climate Conference 368.