“Jordanian Insurance” holds a meeting with the Automobile and Legal Committees to discuss the observations

Eman Al-Wasli

The Executive Committees of the Car Insurance Committee and the Legal Committee of the Jordanian Federation of Insurance Companies held a joint meeting today, Tuesday, corresponding to 24/1/2023, in the presence of the Coordinator of the Legal Committee, Dr. Odeh Abu Joudeh, General Manager of the Jordanian French Insurance Company (JOFICO), Messrs. Chairman and members of the Executive Committee of the Legal Committee, Mr. Saad Al-Faouri, Dr. Hazem Al-Madadha, Mr. Issa Al-Safadi, Ms. Jumana Sabih, and Messrs. Chairman and members of the Executive Committee of the Car Insurance Committee Mr. Essam Barakat, Mr. Raed Joudeh Mr. Nourz Beshto, Mr. Adel Abdel Ghafour, Mr. Abdel Halim Qutaishat and representatives of the Jordanian Federation of Insurance Companies. 4083 and the goal The joint meeting between the two committees to benefit from the technical and legal opinions on the proposals in the insurance contract draft law in a way that serves the interest of all parties, as the legal committee indicated that a number of articles were proposed under the general provisions item, during its study of the insurance sector’s observations on the draft insurance contract law and the referral to it From the management of the federation, as it relates to the purchase of disputed rights and the importance of having preliminary and appellate committees for the purposes of estimating the duration of unemployment and the percentage of disability for those affected by traffic accidents and injuries covered by insurance contracts, such as applying the disability schedules attached to the General Insurance Corporation Law This meeting was devoted to discussing the joint observations between the two committees in the draft insurance law and to review the points of convergence between the two committees in the area of ​​​​the competence of the two committees in the issues of injury reports, percentages of disability, spatial jurisdiction, fabricated accidents, and the purchase of tickets. 4083 For its part, the Auto Insurance Committee commended the proposals of the Legal Committee in the draft insurance contract law, stressing that the two committees meet on many topics, the most important of which is the phenomenon of fabricated accidents and the phenomenon of trading in financial rights. Resulting from bodily injury claims from some lawyers, mainly related to exaggeration and failure to control the procedures for issuing some forensic reports and disability reports, as well as medical consultations and spatial specialization, and the subject of experts accredited to the courts in human rights cases and some reports of unjust experience and mainly related to the phenomenon of “selling and buying a sketch chart” The Union, in its capacity as the legal representative of the insurance companies, is constantly coordinating with the companies to consult on draft legislation and essential matters that shape the future sector b This guarantees the provision of a unified opinion on insurance companies that takes into account the professional approach within the federation’s work policy and in coordination with the Central Bank of Jordan in a way that achieves the public interest, while benefiting from the technical, financial and legal committees working under the framework of the federation as houses of expertise, each in its field, especially with regard to the practical application of legislation and determinants, which It may appear during application.4083