Stress destroys the digestive system and ways to clear the mind of aging without diseases

Dr. Muhammad Hafez Ibrahim

The Swiss psychiatrist and neuroscientist, Gregor Hassler, explained that psychological stress can be behind many physical problems. One body organ in particular, the digestive system, often indicates that stress has spiraled out of control. Severe pain in the stomach and trying to calm it down by taking medications or resorting to some common home remedies may not work, and the reason is that the stomach could not bear the stress and pressure it is going through. Where constant tension can affect the digestion process, as Dr. Gregor Hassler explained that strong emotions and intense tension always negatively affect the body, and in particular the digestive system area.

Dr. Gregor Hassler explained that during moments of stress, the brain can choke off blood flow. In the digestive system through nerves and hormones and this means that other muscles have more energy, which can be beneficial, sometimes but if a person is under constant stress, the stomach and intestines are not constantly supplied with enough blood . The result is indigestion. And the Swiss neurologist and doctor, Gregor Hassler, explains that this can cause various symptoms, from abdominal pressure and nausea, to diarrhea and vomiting that may be bloody.

On the contrary, Dr. Gregor Hassler explained that a healthy digestive system contributes to Stabilizing the mental state, as the vagus nerve, which transmits information from the brain to the stomach and from the stomach to the brain, plays a major role in stabilizing the psychological state. This nerve listens to the internal organs, so if the digestion works well, the nerve is stimulated positively, and this also calms the nerve cells with the brain. According to the latest results of studies by Dr. Gregor Hassler, the composition of intestinal bacteria also has an effect on the psyche, as well as the immune system, where 80 percent of the immune system is located in the intestine .

The Swiss doctor, Dr. Gregor Hassler, presented a set of tips to prevent Stress and digestive pain, the most important of which is eating a fresh, healthy, balanced diet, cooking as much as possible at home on a low heat, as well as avoiding eating a lot of refined sugars, in addition to eating meals at regular times and exercising for at least half an hour to an hour a day. Also, avoid prolonged stress, says Dr. Gregor Hassler, and give yourself and your stomach enough rest.

The British National Health Authority pointed out some things that help clear the mind. After a long day of continuous work, a person needs to go home in order to get some rest; Thinking about negative things wastes our time and mental energy to no avail. The key to increasing and clearing your mental strength is to get rid of these negative habits that keep you stuck in your place. So that you can use your time and energy in things that benefit you. She explained some tips that will help clear the mind of negative thoughts, which prevent you from working with all your energy and achieving dreams, as clearing the mind is one of the thoughts that insist on a person, and it is a necessary issue to enable him to arrange his thoughts to accomplish the most important of them. But clearing the mind requires certain steps to achieve it, and the most important ways to help clear the mind are:

= Express what is inside you by writing : When you come home, sit in a quiet place by yourself, and write on a white paper all the negative thoughts and feelings that are going on inside you, and when you are done with that, By tearing up the paper and throwing it in the trash, this trick will help you alleviate your suffering, and you will feel great relief. If you have a friend you trust, talk to him and tell him about your suffering .

= Communicate with the universe through meditation: When it gets tough You have adversity and it is difficult for you to bear it, go out to nature and try to communicate with the universe, look at the trees, flowers and green grass, breathe deeply and listen to the birds chirping and enjoy the view of the sky and clouds, and in these moments of stillness, we advise you to practice yoga, which will help you clear the mind and improve the psychological state .

= Exercise : Exercise helps clear the mind; It distracts attention away from negative thoughts, and it also stimulates the body to secrete the hormone of happiness, which improves your psychological state. They can practice walking, running, tennis, cycling and basketball..

= Take a sufficient amount of night sleep : Sleep is considered one of the necessary things that a person needs, and depriving him of it increases the state of fatigue and stress; So make sure you get enough sleep at night, it will help you feel rested and relaxed and feel clearer when you wake up.

= Going out with friends: Experts advise the need to go out with friends constantly to watch a movie in the cinema, Or to attend a theatrical performance or concert, or a camping trip, this will make you feel happy and joyful, and you will be able to clear your mind .

= Essential Oil Bath: Essential oils help relieve tiredness and stress; As it relaxes the nerves, lowers blood pressure levels, and feels clear of mind; Be sure to take a bath with essential oils such as lavender oil, sandalwood oil, or jasmine oil.

= Distraction: You can get rid of thoughts and clear your mind by focusing on something else, such as exercising With a friend, a hobby, or an interesting book.

= Mindfulness : This method is one of the methods of meditation, in which the person is completely absorbed in the activity that he is doing, and neglects any other thoughts that he may have. It comes to mind, and this method differs from traditional meditation, in that it does not stop all activities; Rather, they focus on one job only. .

A recent study conducted by researchers at the Canadian University of Toronto showed some people who were old and did not get sick. The medical study explained their magic recipe. When a person gets older, he often begins to notice health disorders, because the body gets tired with the successive years, but some people maintain excellent health, even if they reach seventy or eighty, amid confusion about the lifestyle that helped them avoid aging diseases. The study provided researchers at the University of Toronto, Canada, with new insights into healthy aging by observing a distinct demographic structure in Canada that includes immigrants and seniors who were born in Canada..

The results of the University of Toronto study showed that people born in Canada were more likely to have healthy aging by 24 percent compared to immigrants to Canada . The study showed that healthy aging is represented by the ability of an elderly person to :

= Normal daily living activities.

= The ability to perform useful activities of daily living.

= Freedom from mental illness and memory problems.

= Freedom from chronic pain.

= feeling well-being.

= getting adequate social support.

Researchers at the University of Toronto have identified several characteristics associated with positive experiences of old age, Which contribute to healthy aging, and ba Next, we review the definition of what it means to age successfully. where the data included

individuals who were They were 1446 years old or older when they began participating in the study. Among the participants, 1446 was a respondent of Canadian immigrants . The researchers identified the most prominent characteristics And habits, which contribute to the healthy aging of the human being are :

= people who lived with income High.

= Married.

= Those who did not suffer from obesity.

= who did not smoke.

= who had no sleep problems.

= Those who did not suffer from heart disease or arthritis.

= those who engage in moderate or strenuous physical activity.