Mohamed Adel Hosni, head of the technical committee for the one-leg football activity for men


2023 Fathi Al-Sayeh

The Egyptian Paralympic Committee announced the formation of the technical committee to manage the one-legged soccer game for men. Headed by Mohamed Adel Hosni and the membership of Sarah Ahmed Hassan and engineer Khaled Abdel Hafeez Mohamed. 2023 20230125 Mohamed Adel Hosni, Chairman of the Committee, said that the Board of Directors of the Paralympic Committee decided to start registering players to participate in the one-leg football activity for men to start its activities during the 2022/2023 sports season within the framework of the Egyptian Paralympic Committee’s plan. To expand the base of practice and spread sports Various.

He added Mohamed Adel Hosni, that 4 clubs have so far registered their players in the one-leg football activity for men. 2023