Vodafone Egypt is the first telecom company in Egypt to launch direct electronic payment service for products

A. Hussein

Vodafone Egypt announced the launch of the direct electronic payment service, which It allows paying for any electronic application or services for users of Apple products, by adding the value to the monthly bill, or deducting it from the consumer’s balance, as part of the company’s endeavor to provide the best solutions that make it easier for Vodafone customers to carry out all electronic payment operations.
2023 The new service aims to provide easy and fast payment methods at any time and from everywhere, as it allows the option to pay for content and application subscriptions , games, music and video content, and all of our customers’ favorite services, including the App Store, Apple Music, and Apple TV apps, by directly using our mobile payment service.
2023 Commenting on this, Karim Eid, Head of Commercial Sector at Vodafone Egypt, said that the new payment service is one of the distinguished services provided by Vodafone, to be the first telecom operator It in Egypt provides a mechanism for paying application and content services, pointing out that the new service is characterized by ease, simplicity, and reduced payment time, while providing detailed reports on the details of the payment process and its value, which are sent to users after each purchase they make.
2023 Kareem added that the new service is done with the phone number only, and does not require registration procedures and does not include sharing any confidential details, such as the credit card number or Bank account details, to maintain data privacy, pointing out that it will be available to all Vodafone customers in Egypt, by adding the value to the monthly bill or deducting it from the balance.

Customers can obtain the Service by using their Apple ID, which is the account the customer uses to access all Apple services, and selecting the mobile phone as the payment method in account settings in the App Store or iCloud or within apps Apple Music or Apple TV from your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or iTunes.