Car Gas, i-Check and Careem collaborate to convert cars to run on clean energy

Aya Hossainen

Careem Egypt, the leading Internet platform in technology and ride-sharing services in the Middle East, signed a cooperation protocol with each of the natural gas company Car Gas, one of the companies in the car sector. Petroleum to manufacture, install, design and maintain vehicle operating systems to work with natural gas, and the “I-Check” company, which specializes in the field of checking and maintaining cars, to convert the cars of captains working on the “Careem” application to work with natural gas as an alternative fuel, within the framework of the conversion and replacement initiative Vehicles to operate with clean energy “Go Green Egypt”, and in line with the government’s plan to reduce carbon emissions harmful to the environment. to the “i-Check” company to install it in the cars of the captains working on the Careem application, in addition to maintaining the captain’s cars under the supervision of “Cargas” company, and the contract period for this protocol extends for 3 years, subject to renewal, according to the desire of the three parties.

The protocol comes within the “Careem-Egypt” rewards initiatives for captains, who It provides many advantages for captains working on the “Careem” platform, to convert their cars to run on natural gas at i-Check branches, which include payment facilities and an increase in the interest-free installment period from one year to a year and a half, in addition to extending the warranty period from one year to a year and a half, as well Regarding the provision of the service of issuing the technical examination certificate for natural gas required upon licensing at the “i-Check” centers. “Car Gas” and “iCheck”, which comes in light of our belief in the importance of achieving the goals of the COP Climate Conference 10, and the need for concerted efforts to reduce pollution and preserve the environment by using clean fuels, and to respond to the state’s plans To reduce exhausts and their impact on the environment, and the protocol contributes to supporting “Careem” captains and helping them convert their cars to run on natural gas, and providing maintenance for them on easy terms, which helps reduce the captain’s expenses and improve their income. Shebl, Director of Operations at Careem Egypt, pointed out that “Careem” always seeks to support its partners who are captains in the company’s successes, and This is by searching for ways to improve their income levels and provide a better way of life for them and their families, by helping them reduce their daily expenses, stressing that the “Careem” rewards initiatives for captains are growing day by day, and then the agreement with “Car Gas” and “iCheck” companies came to raise One of the capabilities of “Careem” captains is to save, improve their living standards and the well-being of their families, as the agreement contributes to saving about 10% of the captains’ payments to fuel their cars with gasoline when they are converted to natural gas.

Sameh Abdel Moneim, General Manager of Transformation at Cargas Company, explained: “We thank Careem Egypt for its keenness to achieve sustainability and its belief in responsibility towards the surrounding environment, and urged its captain partners to go green and rely on natural gas as a clean fuel, which contributes to reducing emissions carbon, and contributes to the implementation of energy conservation plans pursued by the state in order to achieve sustainable development goals, taking into account the environmental and social elements.”

For his part, Eng. The Clean Transportation Committee of the Automotive Division indicated that cooperation with Careem Egypt will be positively reflected On the environment and the captains, as compressed natural gas is one of the most important and most efficient alternative fuels because of its highly competitive operating economies and various advantages. It also contributes to maintaining air quality in Egyptian cities and reducing polluting emissions.

Nagy expressed his happiness at the signing of the cooperation protocol between iCheck, Car Gas, and Careem Egypt and the participation of all parties in the same vision, and work to provide alternative solutions that contribute to reducing environmental pollution, as well as raising the income level of captains through savings in Cost.

Nagy stated that he intends to offer “i-Check” shares on the Egyptian Stock Exchange during the next two years, and the necessary steps are currently being taken towards preparing the company for the offering, noting that “i-Check” has since its establishment in
with an investment of about 70 million pounds in the Egyptian market so far.

Nagy mentioned that any check has transferred More than 4 thousand cars to run on natural gas, in addition to converting more than 1000 cars to run on clean energy during the activities of the last climate conference in Sharm El-Sheikh, explaining that inspection and maintenance services were provided to More than 10 thousands of Careem Captains cars.